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Keeping Your Engagement Resolutions In Uncertain Times PDF Print E-mail
Written by ORC International   
26 Feb 2010
By Lindsey Armstrong, Senior Account Manager, Employee Research

Despite the economic uncertainty continuing to test us, results from our December HR Reflections survey suggest there is an air of optimism for the new year; with 62% of private sector HR professionals believing their companies came out of 2009 in better shape than at the start of the year.

With this in mind, our 2010 programme of employee research events got off to a virtuous start on 28 January with our keeping your engagement resolutions in uncertain times seminar.

Positioned specifically for private sector organisations, the seminar provided advice and guidance for companies committed to being smarter at engaging and aligning their people for business success in 2010.

Out with the old...

The seminar kicked off with a look at how organisational culture can be leveraged to support growth in the year ahead.

Through a mixture of case studies, exercises and cultural theory we explored how existing ways of working may not necessarily be aligned with current business objectives; instead often being the result of practices left over from bygone days.

Our guest speaker and business partner Alan Stevens, from Vector Consulting, punctuated lively discussion with practical tips for overcoming some of these unconstructive behaviours.

We identified ways in which companies can better align their values and behaviours with present day business goals and objectives.

...and in with the new

After a well deserved cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit (some resolutions are clearly going to be harder to keep...) the second session of the morning got under way.

The emphasis shifted from culture, to looking at the specific challenges companies are facing in maintaining engagement; retaining key talent; and as the markets pick up, recruiting the right people to take the business forward.

We discussed best practice “quick wins” to boost morale, as well as longer term strategies to ensure the MacLeod Review’s “Enablers of Engagement” (leadership, line management, employee voice and alignment to business goals) are embedded in organisations’ people practices and policies.

The morning wound to a close with a recap of how to ensure your employment proposition is helping to effectively recruit the right people and engage them early in their employment experience, to deliver long term performance and success.

Anita Sarris, Senior Research Executive at ORC International, illustrated this by sharing her recent work developing a new employer brand for Ordnance Survey .

4th February 2010

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