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China Panel Exceeding The Size of 100,000 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Research Panel Asia   
15 Mar 2010
Research Panel Asia Inc,(RPA) has officially announced their China Panel exceeding the size of 100,000 and now officially on sale.

RPA, continuing to enlarge its panel in China has just surpassed the size of 100,000, and now it has started its official sales drive of China Panel.

RPA launched its first oversea panel service "" in October, 2009 in China, where one of the most important markets for almost all industries exists.

Shortly after, RPA had enlarged its panel size with an aggressive investment, and kept maintaining a high active rate of the panel by adding many features to its online panel service.

RPA is glad to officially introduce China Panel towards clients who would like to conduct surveys in China, along with the proprietary Japanese Panel.

RPA’s experience in the research panel managing area has now been over four years in Japan.

Now to expand and directly apply the senses cultivated in the quality-sensitive country, as they continue to expand panel in China at a high speed, South Korea will join its panel coverage in March to provide a triple-country service in East Asia.

Research Panel Asia, lead by Shogo Nakazato, is aiming to build multiple survey panels in Asian countries taking full advantage of assets and high-level know-how such as quality control, panel operation and service usability improvement accumulated through the 10-year experience of online panel supply and media business at EC Navi group.

For more information please visit:

Tokyo, Japan - 22nd  February  2010

Last Updated ( 15 Mar 2010 )
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