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NVivo 8 Software Revolutionizes The Publishing Industry PDF Print E-mail
Written by QSR International   
10 May 2010
QSR International, the world’s largest qualitative research software company, is moving into new markets with its NVivo 8 software program -this time the academic publishing industry.

NVivo 8 lets users manage and analyze both small and large volumes of data, including text, video, audio and images.

It removes many of the manual tasks associated with analysis, like classifying, sorting and arranging information.

This is proving invaluable for the academic publishing industry, which handles large quantities of manuscripts and documents.

US-based iD8 Publishing Services, Inc. is using NVivo to help extract patterns and themes in content to provide its clients, including publishing giant Pearson Education, with editorial guidance and market intelligence.

The software is being used to analyze everything from peer reviews to competitive information and has formed the backbone of a new online service.

Founder of iD8, Marion Waldman, said the integration of NVivo 8 into her business has not only delivered a new revenue stream, but time savings too.

“You might have a psychology project with a text book, five online courses, CDs and lecture notes. There can be all sorts of assets that go with it and [outside of NVivo] there’s no real way to synchronize it and look at it as a whole without sitting down and spending hours cutting and pasting.”

NVivo 8 is designed to work with all types of qualitative data in any language. The program is designed for decision makers and researchers in every field, from academia, humanities and evaluation, to business intelligence, customer care and marketing.

“We’re thrilled to see NVivo 8 being used to pioneer a new service in an industry like publishing. The software is ideal for the market – it helps make sense of large quantities of unstructured data with multiple themes,” says QSR International CEO, John Owen.

Through her use of NVivo, Ms. Waldman has created a new service in the publishing industry and a new revenue stream for iD8 Publishing Services.

“We’ve only been using NVivo for a short time, but we’ve already hit our sales number and met our goals for the year in terms of what we wanted to do with it. That’s exciting for us.”

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19 April 2010

Last Updated ( 10 May 2010 )
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