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GfK Measures Reach Of TV Advertising Campaign Electronically PDF Print E-mail
Written by GfK   
11 May 2010
Web Efficiency Panel measures sales impact of television and Internet cross-media campaigns

GfK Panel Services Germany has expanded the Web Efficiency Panel (WEP) to include electronic monitoring of TV advertising campaign reach.#

As a result, data on TV advertising reach, in addition to panel data for FMCG sales and Internet advertising reach, is now available from one source for media efficiency analyses.

In order to measure TV campaign reach, GfK Panel Services has supplied its panel members with modified mobile phones, which record exposure to TV advertising through sound recognition. Individuals activate the GfK-modified mobile phone when they are watching television, and the phone is able to recognize from the sound which advertisement is being viewed.

The recorded data is then transmitted via the phone’s network. Using extremely precise statistical transmission information from Thomson Media Control, GfK is able to determine the television program during which the panel member was exposed to a specific advertisement.

This enables precise determination of which advertising campaign a particular panel participant viewed at what time.

This process monitors exposure to advertising campaigns on the 11 largest commercial TV stations, which are responsible for more than 90% of TV advertising revenue.

The aim of the Web Efficiency Panel is to evaluate TV and online advertising campaigns with regard to their sales impact.

The new instrument answers the following questions, among others:
how high is the return on investment from a particular TV or online campaign?
How much additional sales income do the individual media channels generate?
Is the advertising impact of a two-channel approach, specifically TV and online, higher than advertising via just one medium?
Is advertising reaching the intended target group?
What is the optimal weekly exposure?
How much exposure do the individual media channels achieve? Is the social media environment suitable for particular advertising messages?
Does TV campaign exposure result in homepage visits?

No competition for surveying of television ratings
The WEP and its special household panels are specifically not intended to generate a comprehensive representation of overall television use, like the AGF/GfK TV research system (all households, all stations, all times). In line with its objectives, the Web Efficiency Panel is limited to monitoring exposure to advertising campaigns on the major channels at prime times.

However, in contrast to the currency of AGF/GfK television research, it does not identify viewing figures for programs, commercial breaks or time segments.

The Web Efficiency Panel
Since 2008, GfK Panel Services has been offering the Web Efficiency Panel (WEP) to advertisers and marketers. This tool enables them to evaluate the sales impact of their online advertising campaigns in the cross-media environment.

The WEP is the only single-source approach in the world which integrates monitoring of advertising campaign reach in different media and FMCG purchases.

The sample comprises 20,000 individuals in 10,000 representatively selected households with Internet access. GfK monitors the TV and Internet consumption of panel participants in a partial sample of 12,000 individuals in 5,000 households.

The Web Efficiency Panel is based on GfK’s household panel, which includes 30,000 households that report their purchases on a daily basis.

The GfK Group

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Nuremberg - 19 April  2010

Last Updated ( 11 May 2010 )
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