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Germany: Triumph Of The Domestic Cat PDF Print E-mail
Written by GfK   
07 Jun 2010
GfK Panel Services analyzes pet ownership in Germany

A man’s best friend is not, as generally asserted, his dog. Or at least, not in Germany, where the most popular pet is a cat.

One or more domestic cats reside in 7.9 million households, while dogs are currently found in 4.9 million homes. This is a rising trend, as the latest survey by GfK Panel Services has shown.

The number of households keeping a dog or cat in Germany has been continuously rising for many years. In comparison to 2005, the percentage ownership of dogs has increased by 20% and that of cats by around 24%.

Over the same period, the number of households with a pet bird declined by 11% to a current total of approximately 2.5 million. The popularity of rodents including hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits also declined slightly in recent times.

They can currently be found in around 3.3 million households. Overall, nearly 15 million households in Germany keep a pet, which is equivalent to approximately 38%.

The analysis by GfK Panel Services shows that pets are disproportionately common in families with children, especially when the children are of school age.

In contrast, pet ownership is significantly below average among young single people and pensioners. Many parents grant their children’s wish to have a pet. They are happy to agree to this request because keeping pets gives children a sense of responsibility.

According to GfK Panel Services calculations, dog owners spend an average of nearly EUR 200 per year on dog food. At just under EUR 180, cat owners get away with slightly lower expenditure. Further costs include visits to the vet and additional items such as cat litter or bird sand.

The range of fashionable accessories for four-legged creatures is vast: from the designer bag for carrying the animal to the elaborately decorated collar, virtually everything is available.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton set the trends and this is reflected in the current popularity of lap dogs. At present, small dogs can be found in 1.9 million households.

The survey
The analysis is based on the GfK ConsumerScan household panel within GfK Panel Services Germany. The panel consists of 30,000 representatively selected households in Germany, who report their purchases, attitudes and consumption behavior to GfK.

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Nuremberg, Germany - 14 May  2010

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