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Synovate Announces Launch Of Global Digital Centre Of Excellence PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
08 Jun 2010
Global market research firm Synovate today announced a major investment in marketing research in the digital environment through the creation of a Digital Centre of Excellence based in London, which will specialise in understanding and measuring the effectiveness of brands' advertising and communications through digital media.

Ged Parton, CEO for Synovate's Capabilities and Practices, explained the rationale behind the initiative:

"Whilst many companies are making a good deal of effort recording what is happening in the digital environment, Synovate believes that there is still breakthrough work to be done in understanding how the environment works at the individual person level to build, support, reinforce and change brand relationships."

As such, Synovate has launched a significant 'research on research' effort.

This initiative will be led by Philip Shaw, head of digital communications research for Synovate in the UK, who will work closely with Synovate's innovation leaders including one of the renowned leaders of the market research industry, Synovate's Director of Innovation Dr Jan Hofmeyr, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Parton said:
"Our intention is to regularly publish what we fully expect to be provocative and challenging thought pieces contradicting some of the current received wisdom in the industry and reinforce our commitment to challenging the industry and living our research reinvented mission."

Synovate's early emphasis is in areas where there is plenty of data but limited insight. The company is already running pilot 'research on research' programmes including:

1. Assessing the relationship between social media buzz and commercially relevant brand relationship, i.e., as relationships move market share moves.
2. Reviewing actual communication exposure versus claimed memory utilising cookie based technology.
3. A URL "webmeter", a browser plug in that captures panel members' online behaviour and relates this behavioral data to attitudinal changes.

Parton also confirmed that Synovate's strategy is to partner with external technology firms.
"We are specialists in the why questions of research - why people think as they do, why they behave as they do, why they chose as they do. It makes good sense for us to stick to our core competency and partner with outstanding technology based specialists who have the soft and hardware skills that our clients need."

About Synovate
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London, UK - 18 May 2010

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