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Shopping Cart Reminders Drive Quick Email Clicks PDF Print E-mail
Written by eMarketer   
30 Jul 2010
Four in five recipients click an abandoned cart email within 24 hours

Email marketers searching for subject lines that will grab their recipients’ attention should look to highly relevant, time-based messages for the best results, according to data from Experian Cheetahmail.

The email marketing services company conducted a study of more than 40,000 messages in March 2010 and discovered that, overall, almost half of transactions and about three-quarters of opens and clicks happen within a day of receiving a marketing email.

So good results will often come fast.

One of the fastest ways to get email recipients to open and click on messages is to send notices of abandoned carts.

As Sara Ezrin, senior director of strategic services at Cheetahmail, explained to eMarketer, recipients of such messages are already thinking about the items in their cart, and that they are in the market for those products will spur them toward quick response.


While open and click actions were somewhat slower, limited-time offers, such as for a two-day sale, earned the fastest transaction rates.


Ezrin noted that for some times of emails, however, marketers should expect slower response times and take the content into account when determining the success of their campaigns.

Email messages with coupons, for example, had open, click and transaction rates on the slower end of the spectrum. But many coupon offers drive shoppers into stores and a slower online response may not be negative.

In addition, welcome emails typically had slower transaction rates. Sometimes welcome emails come directly after customers have made their first transaction, so they should not be expected to drive more sales quickly.

Ezrin advised marketers to segment their lists based on whether sign-ups were from new customers to better analyze results from such messages.

"Being able to anticipate customer response time can help businesses optimize everything from forecasting and budget planning to timing the launch of cross-channel promotions and sales," said Rachel Bergman, general manager and SVP at Experian CheetahMail, in a statement. "This type of insight is invaluable to progressive marketers looking to strengthen their campaign strategies for increased ROI and deeper customer engagement.”

14 July 2010

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