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New Co-Production Capability In NIPO Software Makes A Virtue Of DIY Research PDF Print E-mail
Written by NIPO   
05 Oct 2010

A new development from NIPO Software enables MR companies and their clients to collaborate on research projects, so each does the tasks where they add the most value.

NIPO Software has announced an extension to its data collection suite that enables market research buyers to do some DIY research with the blessing of their market research suppliers.

This new product, which is in the final stages of development, enables end customers to collaborate at a technological level with market research providers.

The end customer is given restricted access to the technical infrastructure of the research company through a Web portal.

Both parties can then focus on those activities where they can add most value, whether that is question writing, analyzing data, reporting of results or managing the sample.

Jeroen Noordman, Managing Director of NIPO Software, said:
“While some view DIY as a threat to the research industry, our solution allows professional MR companies to focus on where they add value: delivering insight through high quality research. Because the overall costs go down, it means the research customer will get more for the same budget. We call this co-production, and we believe it will allow research buyers do more with the same budget, and will also tighten the bond between customer and research company."

The advantages of co-production particularly come to the fore in direct feedback and transactional based research projects, where high quality and close to real-time insight are demanded.

Jeroen Noordman  continues:
“We see a lot of research companies doing all the work, even when the research customer could do it themselves, if they had the right technology. In a research company there are often three or four people who handle the client’s sample before it gets out into the field. Often, there is not just one set of sample but hundreds of sets of sample, especially in cases where the customer has lots of branches. Just imagine how much more work that research company could do if those three or four people could be freed of the task of handling sample”.

NIPO Software presented the new solution at the 2010 ESOMAR Congress on September 12-15 in Athens, where it attracted a lot of interest. The new co-production capability will be available to all users of the NIPO Fieldwork System by the end of 2010.

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Amsterdam - 22 September 2010

Last Updated ( 05 Oct 2010 )
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