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Research Panel Asia Conducts The Attitude Survey.... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Research Panel Asia   
05 Jan 2011
towards Flash marketing services in Japan, China and Korea.

Research Panel Asia Inc.(RPA, Tokyo, Japan, CEO:Shogo Nakazato) an Asia based online research company has conducted an original survey regarding Flash marketing services, which is also known as "social commerce" or "one deal a day", among the panelists of RPA in Japan, China and Korea.

RPA has been improving the quality of its panels offering the users many attractive features and services, and also improving the quality of operation towards its client by running 24 hours a day operation center in Philippines since September 2010, which enables quick response in quotations and project management of surveys.


Flash marketing is a web-based business model selling coupons which applies a big rate of discount and amenities in a limited number and time period. It is also known as "one deal a day" or "social commerce".

Recently, there have been a lot of these flash marketing websites launching and its market has been expanding. RPA has conducted an original survey on the topic of this service to know the attitude of users in Japan, China and Korea where the market is growing rapidly.


1) The awareness of Flash marketing is the highest in China (65.7%), and the lowest in Japan (37.7%).

2) Experience/Usage of Flash marketing service shows a similarity to the awareness, ranking China as top(39.3%), followed by Korea(29.3%), then Japan(18.0%).

3) For the reasons of why respondents do not like to use this service, "complicated procedures" is the most answered.

4) In all three countries, the discount rate of which respondents are attracted is "more than 40%".

5) The time zone respondents most wanted to use this service is "evening (18:00-24:00)" in all three countries.

Summary of the result
(1) China has the highest awareness of the flash marketing services among three countries.

Q: How much do you know about Flash marketing services?

The awareness of Flash marketing services is the highest in China (65.7%), followed by Korea(54.8%) while Japan shows only 37.7% of awareness. The reason for this is that though the range of the internet users among census might be lower in China compared to Japan, the literacy of the users would be higher in other way.


(2) The experience rate of usage for flash marketing is below 50% in all of the three countries

Q:Do you want to use the flash marketing services?

The percentage of those who have used flash marketing is highest in "males of China (41.3%)", but the overall rate is below 50% in all three countries. However, more than 50% of respondents have intention to use flash marketing, showing the high interest in this service.


(3) The reason for not using flash marketing is the complicated process to purchase.

What is the most reason which keeps you away from the usage of flash marketing?

Considering this as a reference due to the small sample size, but respondents chose "the complicated process" most, followed by "the possibility of loosing a deal", for the reason of not using flash marketing service.


(4) In average, the users find "more than 40%" of discount rate attractive

When you are to use Flash marketing service (or when you assume to use), about how many percentage of discount would be attractive?

In all three countries, the majority of users start to feel benefit when the discount rate gets more than 40% in general, showing the result such as Japan(44.9%), China(40.6%) and Korea(37.1%). When splitting the result by gender, female users demand a higher discount rate than male.


5) The peak hours which respondents would like to use Flash marketing service most is 18:00-24:00.

In what time of the day do you (or would you like to) use Flash marketing services?

The respondents uses (or would like to use) Flash marketing from 18:00-24:00 most. By country, Japan shows "night use" of the internet, while China shows also "morning to afternoon use" as well and Korea shows "afternoon to evening use". This difference comes from the cultural difference towards personal time, of what time of the day to use the internet.


Tokyo, Japan - 21 December 2010

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