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Vodka Across Europe PDF Print E-mail
Written by BMRB   
14 Nov 2005
Since 2000, the number of vodka drinkers have increased across GB, France, Germany and Spain by over 4 million, with France seeing the biggest increase (53%).

Consumption of vodka varies across the TGI Europa countries with almost 24% of adults (18+) drinking it in GB to only 6% in Spain. In Germany and France, it is 10% and 13% of the adult population respectively. Britons are far more likely than the inhabitants of the three other countries to be drink vodka on a regular basis. 57% of all those who drink vodka five or more measure a week live in GB, with 21% living in Germany, 19% in France and only 3% in Spain. Even when comparing 18-34-year-old ‘heavy’ vodka drinkers with the average 18-34-year-old the former differentiate themselves from the average by agreement with statements such as ‘the point of drinking is to get drunk,’ ‘I tend to spend money without thinking’ and ‘I like take away meals.’

In terms of the top brands, Smirnoff dominates the market, featuring prominently in all the four major European markets with only Absolut challenging its European dominance. However, there are some territorially exclusive brands, for example Gorbatschow in Germany. It is only in GB that supermarket brands of vodka appear in the top five.
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