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SKOPOS Digital Insight - Advertising is more effective in 3D! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Skopos   
23 Feb 2011

SKOPOS Test Study on 3D advertising, Nov 2010: in this test study SKOPOS designed and tested a commercial for the fictitious sorbet "Passion" - showing respondents the ad in either 3D or traditional 2D. The result? Not only the commercial itself, but also the advertised product scored better if the ad was seen in 3D !

The differences between the test groups (3D versus 2D versions) are clear:
3D viewers perceived the commercial to be modern, original and unique. This result was perhaps, as expected, since these properties characterise the 3D technology itself. However, what was perhaps more surprising was, after the 3D broadcast viewers saw the ad, they expressed more of a desire to try the sorbet and the purchase probability was also significantly higher.

This manifested itself in 82% of the 3D viewers finding "Passion" delicious, whereas only 64% of those in the 2D group agreed with this statement.

Part of the effect is due to the fascination of 3D and the excitement towards new things. The differences were stronger in people watching TV occasionally and didn’t have any other experience with the 3D technology. Therefore, perhaps, it is to be expected that the effects will decrease with the increasing familiarity with 3D broadcasts.

Basic attitudes towards the 3D technology, however, remained unaffected. In both test groups, the proportion of those who want to view 3D at home was 43%.

The ad is available to view here:

Jan Berlin, SKOPOS Research Director and Study Lead says:
"Our results show that with 3D advertising it is relatively easy for advertisers to achieve positive influence on product and brand."

"The opportunities for 3D may, however, decrease over time. With the increasing number of 3D movies in the cinema and on pay-TV there will be more spots in 3D, no doubt. But the audience will increasingly become numb to the effects, and possibly even remove the 3D glasses while ads play."

"But a major advantage at the moment is that the market is still young and operators in this area few, and the opportunities for innovators and early adopters big"

"And it is no coincidence that there are already 3D ads for beer, but not for banks and insurance companies," sums up Berlin.

For more information please contact:
Darren Mark Noyce, Founder & Managing Director, SKOPOS market insight

T: +44(0) 207 953 8 359
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

22 November 2010

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