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Why Online Research Will Takeover PDF Print E-mail
Written by Darren Noyce, SKOPOS   
22 Nov 2005

Online Research Will Dominate In The Future, Online-Managed Panels Will Provide Access
Respondent Abuse Must Stop………! Written By Darren Noyce, SKOPOS

Year 2005 (today)
• Most research uses ‘cold’ unsolicited approaches
– “Excuse me, can you help us?”
– “Sorry to bother you. Would you mind..?”

• Little use of opt-in
– Permission not currently required for first approaches
– Unless re-contacting respondents
…… intrusive?….. Anti-social?

Year 2015 (tomorrow)
• Most research permission-based
– Opt-in only for research
– Except perhaps Government research

• (Online-managed) Panels primary research tool

• Research channels still vary by research requirement
– But online research considerable force (plus TAWI)

PEST Analysis/Reasoning
Why should it be like this in 2015?
Politics: government legislation/policy (anti-cold calling, anti-spam, etc.)

Economics: commercial pressures.. cost, speed, repetition – And Quality: No fraud, reliable/good quality data: data density, open ended questions

Society: desire for control/personalisation, wary of commercial approaches, individual privacy, reward/feedback for contributions, internet access/use for majority

Technology: computerisation, internet…online-managed panels

Side Effects
• Significantly less face to face approaches
– Fewer personal interviewers required
– Telephone will prosper in combination with panels and TAWI surveys

• More respondent control
– Do what they want, when they want
– Trust

• (Online) Panels prevalent
– But often used as respondent ‘pools’ rather than ‘representative panels’

Some vital statistics…
• Today, 55-65% of quant data collected online in USA

• TNS/NFO (no. 2 in USA), collects 70% of its domestic data online

• Today, 15-25% of quant data in Western Europe/UK collected online
– This was only 3-5% 4 years ago

• SKOPOS collects over 60% of its data in Europe online, and over 70% in the UK

• Companies like Budweiser and Canon do virtually all their quant research online

And it’s not just SKOPOS…. (-:
• NEW YORK, June 13 2005 /PRNewswire…

• Ipsos, the leading global survey-based market research firm and polling partner of The
Associated Press, today announced it is adding a new weekly ONLINE omnibus polling tool to its twice weekly national telephone omnibus TO MEET GROWING DEMAND FROM ITS

• Ipsos "Our weekly online omnibus can be used to help clients measure responses to visual
Data for the Ipsos U.S. Express Online Omnibus are collected through random sampling of the company's 800,000+ member online panel.

• The IPSOS ONLINE PANEL is recruited and maintained utilizing double and triple opt-in
screening processes to ensure maximum return from an engaged and representative
audience. The panel is updated regularly and non-responders are removed.

• Ipsos has been collecting data online since 1995, and its team of research professionals,
supervisors, and field coordinators ensure the rapid collection and tabulation of data,
producing consistent, high quality results.

• Both the (Panel) survey invitation list and the returned data are weighted to reflect the
demographic composition of the U.S. population.

• Each wave produces results from a NATIONALLY REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE.

Coppergate House
Brune Street
London, E1 7NJ
t: +44(0) 207 953 8359
e: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Last Updated ( 22 Nov 2005 )
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