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Household Cleanliness Down The Pan For One Million Brits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mintel   
07 Apr 2011
While cleaning the toilet is a weekly task for a third of the nation (36%) new research from Mintel reveals many Brits are considerably less enthusiastic about the cleanliness of the smallest room in the house.

Indeed, shamefully, Mintel finds one in ten (8%) of us bring out the loo brush just two to three times a month, while a shocking 2% (equating to 1 million Brits) never clean their toilets at all.

Overall, 15% of Brits admit they clean their toilets on a less than weekly basis. Meanwhile, some 10% of Brits are hygiene enthusiasts, cleaning their toilets on a daily basis, and the same number (10%) scrub the pan between four and six times a week - enough to satisfy even the likes of Kim and Aggie.

While the desire for a clean home is generally widespread - with more than three quarters (78%) of adults really caring about their house being clean and four in ten (41%) people describing themselves as house-proud - over half (52%) say they can always find better things to do with their time than cleaning and over four in 10 (41%) admitting to sometimes being embarrassed about the state of their home.

Richard Caines, Senior Retail Analyst at Mintel, said:
“These findings show a wide variation in different people’s approach to household cleaning, ranging from the almost excessive to those who are in danger of putting the health of themselves or their family at risk through a lack of attention to toilet cleaning. There is definitely an opportunity for brands to re-engage consumers with what can be seen as a tedious task.

Longer-lasting results and more powerful formulas should be the focus for encouraging purchase of more specialist cleaning products. Every household job needs a suitable cleaning product, and having the right tools can make a big difference to results.”

And it seems where we live has an impact on how keen we are to clean, as Mintel finds those living in the Midlands have the brightest bogs in Britain, as they are the most likely to clean once a day or more (12%) and the least likely to clean their toilets less than once a week (10%).

By contrast, those living in the North and Yorkshire and Humberside are the region most likely to clean on a least frequent basis, with some 16% of people living in this region cleaning their toilets less than once a week.

The capital city fares well on the cleanliness stakes, with more than one in ten Brits living in Greater London and the South East (11%) cleaning their toilets once a day or more.

Hand washing the dishes and pans is the most frequently carried out daily task - with six in ten (59%) Brits doing this chore once a day or more. Meanwhile, cleaning the ovens and windows is the job Brits are most likely to ignore, with almost half (45%) of Brits admitting they clean their oven once a month or less.

And while gender equality may be increasing in many areas of life, almost seven in ten (68%) women still do most of the cleaning in the household, with just 28% of men taking on the central role in the cleaning department.

Overall, just under a third (31%) of all households share their cleaning responsibilities, while just 2% of the nation pay for help around the home.

Only 13% of Brits have an established cleaning routine. While one in ten (9%) leave their cleaning until their home is really messy, almost one in twenty (4%) have totally given up the chance of ever having a clean and tidy home.

Finally, four in ten people (40%) see cleaning the house as a good form of exercise, indicating the degree to which health and fitness has filtered in to every aspect of day to day life.

Source: Mintel Oxygen Reports

Region: UK - March 2011

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