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The Ipsos Reid 2011 Canadian Federal Election Polls PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ipsos   
13 May 2011
Where the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Ipsos Reid published its fourth and final poll of the Canadian Federal Election showing Stephen Harper's Conservatives at 38%, Jack Layton's New Democratic Party at 33%, Michael Ignatieff's Liberals at 18%, Elizabeth May and her Green Party at 4% and 7% for the Bloc, nationally.

Monday night, with almost all of the polls reporting as of 11:45pm, the unofficial results of the actual election are Stephen Harper's Conservatives at 40%, Jack Layton's New Democratic Party at 31%, Michael Ignatieff's Liberals at 19%, Elizabeth May’s Green Party at 4%, and Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc at 6%, nationally.

The Ipsos Reid final poll and the unofficial results are almost a mirror of each other, and within the final poll’s margin of error for each party. A great deal has been said about polls and the practice of polling during this election campaign—some of which we agreed with and much of which we disagreed with.

But, as Canada's largest market and opinion research company, our polling during this campaign was carried off flawlessly by an incredible team of hard working young professionals—from the telephone and online staff to the data analysts, from the graphics producers to our technical people, and to all of our exit poll and election night coverage staff.

It's these people who make Ipsos Reid proud to do what we do every day, for every client, everywhere with the same dedication and integrity. Because, in the end, when all is said and done, it's the numbers that have to speak for themselves.

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Toronto, ON – 28 April 2011

Last Updated ( 13 May 2011 )
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