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Written by Aura   
27 Jun 2011

Client focussed agencies recognised in the first AURA awards

Research agencies that focus on what really matters to clients are in for a pleasant surprise. For the first time AURA will be making awards to agencies that are truly able to bring insight into their businesses.

AURA members have nominated agencies they have been inspired by from their personal experience of working with them. They are currently voting on the shortlist which features thirty agencies across three award categories.

o The commercial context award is for an agency that makes a habit of taking in terms of the implications of research, rather than just summarising findings.

o The clear communication award will go to an agency that gets results across in an engaging way that makes it easy to see what the key messages are.

o The most wanted award will go to an agency members believe others should meet as they are actively thinking about how they can develop their offer.

There will also be awards made to agencies and members who have made notable contributions to AURA itself over the last year.

The awards will be presented at the AURA Conference and Summer Party on
29th June. The conference will be held at the Insight Show and will look at some of the hot topics in the research industry and how they contribute to clientside insight.

The Summer Party will take place in the evening at the Hurlingham Club and is a celebration of the great strides AURA has made in recent years – in terms of its membership, their engagement and its standing in the industry.

Danny Russell, AURA Vice Chair and Marketing Strategy Director at BSkyB comments:
“We in AURA are working to build more constructive relationships between the client and agency sides and our new awards are another step towards that. It is important to acknowledge those agencies that listen, adapt and deliver beyond our expectations. It isn’t all about the latest technique – there are some basics that some agencies are brilliant at and others seem to ignore completely.”

“AURA members have been really passionate about the agencies they have nominated. It is great to know that there are so many success stories out there.”

“I don’t know of any other research industry awards where agencies are recognised by a group made up entirely of clients, we are hoping that they will become an annual showpiece.”

About AURA:
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15 June 2011

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