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Consumer overindulgence will give dietary supplements a Merry Christmas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
16 Dec 2005
Consumer overindulgence will give dietary supplements a Merry Christmas, by  Euromonitor International
Today's consumers are facing something of a dilemma: how to follow a healthy regime over the festive season, without letting go of that much-cherished pint glass or missing out on that extra mince pie? Supplement firms have come up with an answer to this consumer desire to “have their cake and eat it” by launching supplement brands designed for hangovers and detox regimes, which offer guilt-free gratification and the chance to ‘get away’ with having that extra glass of mulled wine.

Intoxicating innovation
Hangover prevention pills are the merrymaker's first line of defence against overindulgence and are now widely available across the full spectrum of retail channels. With the silly season fast approaching, new additions to the category are appearing almost daily. In the last week alone Euromonitor International noted two US launches, of Doc Rob's Night Life Protection Formula and Japanese firm Ajinomoto's Kampai (which means “cheers!” in Japanese) supplement. For the ingredients these types of supplements typically contain (antioxidants, for protection against toxins; charcoal, for toxin absorption; energy boosters such as guarana; and nutrients that alcohol leeches out of the system, especially calcium and magnesium) the festive season promises to provide a welcome boost.

Pure progress
For those waking on January 1 with more than just a hangover but a new-found resolve to live more healthily, the detoxifying kit will be as important as the maxi pack of painkillers. There is a wide array of options for consumers to choose from, including quick-fix supplements, such as the Bio-Light 3 Day Detox, or products designed to be taken everyday for ongoing protection against toxins, including Nordic BioFirm. Some ranges are also split into categories targeting specific side effects of toxins on the body. Boots, for example, sells a body freshener, digestive cleanser and face mask as part of its private label detox line. Antioxidants again are the key ingredient in such brands, with co-enzyme Q10, grape seed, green tea extract, lycopene, selenium and vitamins C and E among the most commonly used. Most detox products also contain a laxative and all of these ingredients should expect to register a seasonal lift in sales.

Further flow on
Innovation of this kind, which targets particular consumer demands, is a major stimulant to dietary supplement sales. Dietary supplements are one of the most vibrant subsectors of OTC healthcare, globally growing 65% faster than the industry as a whole over the past five years according to Euromonitor International. This level of sales momentum is expected to continue into the mid to long term, with gains of 32% to 2009.

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