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Cobalt Sky Researches The Research Industry PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cobalt-Sky   
10 Oct 2011

“Research the Research’ was an idea that sparked when Raz Khan, MD of Cobalt Sky attended a Vistage networking event where Janie L. Smith was presenting her best selling book ‘Creating Competitive Advantage’.

Fascinated by the concept that empowers customers to judge companies by more than just a price point, Raz Khan won the prize for coming up with the best company competitive advantage statement: “98% of our 800 projects this year were delivered right, on time, first time.” No empty rhetoric, this statement could be evaluated and proved, as Cobalt Sky has carefully measured this on every project for the past two years.

Inspired by the concept of Creating Competitive Advantage, Raz decided to ‘research the research’. The aim was to find out exactly what gives Cobalt Sky its edge and run a market research study to discover its true competitive advantages. The first step was to commission Simon Staplehurst, director of Octopus Research Services with the project. Cobalt Sky hadn’t worked with Octopus before and wanted a fresh pair of eyes to analyse the views of market research agencies.

After some consideration, Simon decided not to take advantage of Cobalt Sky’s online research technology and recommended the use of qualitative, depth interviews with 11 clients and 13 non-clients across a wide spread of large, mid-size and independent market research agencies. The research was carried out anonymously and Octopus reached out its tentacles to gain some interesting feedback.

Cobalt Sky position themselves as specialists in MR IT services. However the research results showed that while that was right in one way – it was wrong in another. Yes – Cobalt Sky is considered as one of the industry’s preferred MR IT specialists for complex jobs. Yet, most people do not realise that Cobalt Sky is good value for time-sensitive, small-scale jobs too. The difference in customer versus internal perceptions was clear.

Cobalt Sky discovered that the majority of MR agencies don’t realise that 75% of Cobalt Sky’s projects are fast turnround, one-off jobs, completed in less than 5 hours. So positioning them self as a specialist was actually limiting customer perceptions of what Cobalt Sky can offer. “These survey results are already influencing our approach”, commented Raz Khan, MD, Cobalt Sky.

‘Research the research’ proved 3 competitive advantages for Cobalt Sky:
1. Innovative IT experts
2. Reliable, trusted, accurate delivery
3. Good people to work with

Interested in finding out more about the ‘Research the Research’ study? Please contact Raz Khan on: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , (0) 44 208 7804000

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26 September 2011

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