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Connected And Communicative: The Student Generation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vox Pops International   
30 Nov 2011

As part of their ongoing Internal Research, Vox Pops International has re-investigated the student lifestyle by interviewing 60 university students over the course of three days during October. 44 students were interviewed outside Kingston University and 16 students outside Nottingham Trent University. Students were selected at random outside each University institution and of the 60 respondents, approximately half were male and half were female, the majority of which were aged 18-24 with a few mature students aged 30+.

VPI asked respondents a variety of questions regarding their lifestyle and attitudes ranging from spending and social networking habits to which mobile phones they used. Two separate questionnaires were asked in alternation. Each questionnaire contained different questions in order to accumulate extensive research into a selection of different topics regarding the student lifestyle providing VPI with an accurate and in depth student demographic profile.

Aside from an all consuming existence of excessive drinking, socialising and late night cramming, the students were somewhat distressed by the thought of life post-university. In consideration of today’s economic climate, students are perhaps undeservedly burdened with the very sobering prospect of graduate unemployment as 80% of students were concerned about the lack of jobs, money, and not achieving their academic goals. This was of particular concerned for 22 year old Joe who claimed to worry about: “Getting a job [...] ‘cause there aren’t any. No one can find jobs, plus I’ve only just started and I’ve not got any experience.”

Addicted to instant messaging and social networking, the smartphone of choice for 43% of students was the Blackberry closely followed by the iPhone (15%). The attitude taken by most students was exemplified by 19 year old Becky: “it’s addictive, I’m on it most of the time [...] you’ve got everything there; internet, you don’t have to go anywhere it’s all in your hand.”

Students are blurring the lines that separate university work and social life. Today university students use the internet as much for social reasons as for academic reasons. The need to intersperse social networking technology into every aspect of their lives is fast deeming them The Facebook Generation of young adults. 43% of social networkers were partial to Twitter to stay connected with changing trends, job vacancies and celebrity culture. 19 year old George told VPI: “There hasn’t been a day in the past 3, 4 years where I haven’t gone on Facebook or Twitter.” This need for constant connectivity has manifested itself in our student generation’s attachment to mobile technology, instant messaging and email.

Further research yielded some unexpected and fascinating results. To read more about The Student Generation visit Vox Pops International’s fantastic website and explore our vast portfolio of captivating videos and free research.

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16 November 2011

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