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Culture Watch Joins Forces With Future Foundation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Future Foundation   
11 Jan 2012
Research into cultural diversity to identify new opportunities for marketers and advertisers

Culture Watch, a new venture to explore the impact of cultural diversity on consumer attitudes, has joined forces with Future Foundation, the leading international consumer futures business to undertake the first major marketing focused study of cultural diversity in the UK.

The research entitled ‘Smart Strategic Insights to Cultural Diversity’ will provide insight into key cultural groups living in the UK including Polish, Chinese and South Asian. The first wave of research is being carried out in the UK during Q1 2012, investigating the behaviours and attitudes of consumers from these cultural backgrounds, with a specific focus on brands and brand communication.

Culture Watch was founded by Kate Wilson, a senior brand strategist who has worked with some of the world’s leading brands throughout her career.
She says
“We believe that significantly more than 20% of the UK workforce is made up of people either born overseas or who are second generation residents and surprisingly little is known about the effect of cultural background on these consumers’ attitudes to major brands. This project is not about niche marketing to specific ethnic groups, but about a completely new angle on how these consumers are engaging with mainstream brands and their marketing communications.”

Christophe Jouan, CEO of Future Foundation says
“At Future Foundation we are at the leading edge of identifying and exploring the key trends that will affect consumer behaviour.  Clearly the issues relating to cultural diversity are incredibly important drivers of consumer behaviour and in the current challenging economic climate, where marketers have to be smarter and more innovative in their approach, we see this project as being genuinely ground-breaking – providing new insights to help marketers to be more effective in their markets.”

The survey, which will be repeated regularly, will be a consortium study, supported by leading brands and organisations which will get first sight of the results, as well as being able to add their own bespoke questions to address individual brand issues.

The IPA has supported the development of Culture Watch since its inceptions and has Founding Partner status. Janet Hull, Director of Marketing & Reputation Management at the IPA explains why. “There is a growing appreciation amongst advertisers and their agencies of the importance of culturally diverse groups. Finding reliable and timely intelligence into these diverse audiences has been extremely difficult, so we’re delighted to support Culture Watch. Our members will benefit from both strategic and tactical insight into what has up until now been a significant gap in knowledge for brands.”

Culture Watch will cover four key areas to aid brands in reaching these audiences:
~ Cultural Demographics - the basic dynamics of the sample in terms of language ability, priorities and attitudes to integration

~ Future Foundation Trends

~ Marketing Essentials - attitudes to brands and advertising

~ Sector Specifics - awareness and purchasing across key market sectors

~ Media Consumption – including key media, mobile phones, internet and social media.

About Culture Watch
For over 20 years Kate has been advising a wide range of businesses about marketing. She has extensive experience of all aspects of corporate and marketing strategy disciplines – including brand and service positioning, identification of competitive advantage, audience segmentation, advertising and communications.

Kate is skilled in marketing audit, analysis and direction, using qualitative and quantitative research and analytical techniques to ensure understanding of markets, audiences, competitors and products. Her practical experience has ranged from top end luxury goods to fashion, FMCG, retail, healthcare and home wares. She has also advised the service sector, establishing marketing systems and processes that have given them the foundation of a marketing operation within their organisations.

About Future Foundation
For more information or to find out more about the 150 brands and agencies that rely on our consumer insight services, please visit

London, UK - 10 January 2012
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