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What Do You Share On Social Media Sites? New uSamp Datapoint PDF Print E-mail
Written by uSamp   
31 Jan 2012
Study and Infographic Reveal Gender Gap over Social Media Privacy    

Both Genders Don’t Mind Sharing Wide Array of Personal Info

But When Security is at Stake, Women Show Much Greater Wariness

Most women using social media are just as willing to reveal personal information about their relationships, jobs, brand preferences and political and religious affiliations as men -- but when it comes to details like phone numbers, location, and email or physical address that might put their personal security at risk, women are significantly more wary than men.  

These are among the findings of the “Social Media Habits and Privacy Concerns Survey,” a new nationwide study due for release on Jan. 30th, by uSamp (, a leader in providing targeted audiences for global consumer insights and innovative SaaS technologies for audience engagement and business intelligence.  Using SurveyBuilder™ (, its self-serve survey authoring platform with on-demand consumer audiences, uSamp surveyed nearly 600 adult men and women about the social media sites they frequent and the kind of information they share online.

Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP Global Panel at uSamp is available for comment on both the survey findings and the methodology.

WHO: Lisa Wilding-Brown has more than a decade of experience in the market research industry. As the Vice President of Global Panel and Sampling Operations, Wilding-Brown has been instrumental in growing uSamp's panel sites globally accounting for more than 6.5 million panelists. Wilding-Brown is responsible for panel development and management at uSamp — in particular uSamp's river sampling product management, client consultation, publisher management/recruiting, member engagement, profiling and rewards.  Before joining uSamp in 2009, Wilding-Brown served as the Panel Loyalty & Retention Manager at Harris Interactive, where she was a key member in the development and management of the Harris Poll Online.  Wilding-Brown is a graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo, with a B.A. in both Communication & International Relations.

WHAT: The Social Media Habits survey is one of uSamp’s Datapoint studies, conducted using SurveyBuilder.   
To view the infographic summarizing top-line findings or other Datapoint studies, please visit

Among the top findings:         
· Striking differences exist between men and women when it comes to sharing personal information on sites like Facebook (used by 81 percent of those surveyed), YouTube (46 percent), Twitter (33 percent), MySpace (32 percent) and others.  

· While three-quarters of both men and women were willing to share their relationship status, only 20 percent of women would share their location, against 35 percent of men

· 55 percent of men say they wouldn’t mind revealing their email address, but just 42 percent of women would do so

· Among those who don’t participate in social media at all – 13 percent of the total sample -- the gender split is likewise pronounced: more than 40 percent of women cited privacy or personal security concerns, compared with 30 percent of men

WHY: “The Social Media Habits survey offers compelling insights into consumer behavior and attitudes, especially given the conventional wisdom how we value – or don’t value -- privacy in the social media space,” said Wilding-Brown.  “Using SurveyBuilder, we were able to both create a comprehensive survey instrument and tap uSamp’s vast online panel of survey respondents rapidly – the same kind of performance our clients are experiencing as they get hands on with this powerful new platform.”

About uSamp
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Encino, Calif. - 30 January 2012

Last Updated ( 31 Jan 2012 )
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