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Economic Downturn Means DIY Market Research Is Here To Stay According To Latest Blog From DigitalMR PDF Print E-mail
Written by DigitalMR   
23 Feb 2012
DIY research used to be derided by many market research providers who were resistant to change in the industry. But with DIY market research outfit Survey Monkey now valued at $1bn, it would seem that attitudes of research buyers have always been rather different, according to the latest blog from social media research specialist DigitalMR.

DIY research enables research buyers to develop and run surveys, collect findings and analyse the results themselves – thus cutting out the middle-man and reducing costs. The biggest player in providing DIY platforms is Survey Monkey which is now valued as a billion dollar company.

DIY research is now a force to be reckoned with and in the current economic climate its use is likely to grow even further as clients continue to take research projects in-house.

DigitalMR founder and MD Michalis Michael comments:
“a lot of agencies were very sceptical when DIY research appeared almost 10 years ago, the majority of them just didn’t read which way the market was going. The “FREEMIUM” approach i.e. free survey platform services with paid-for optional extras and necessary functionality seems to work well for all the players in this sector. It has been amazingly successful despite what the sceptics were predicting”.

DigitalMR’s latest blog explores why DIY research has become so popular among buyers, and why in the current economic climate, this looks set to continue. However there are many potential pitfalls of conducting DIY research. These include anything from inviting the wrong people to participate and asking the wrong questions through to misinterpreting the statistical significance of the findings.

The blog also outlines what market research agencies need to do more of to win over clients from DIY providers.

A full version of the blog can be found here

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