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Toys In Numbers PDF Print E-mail
Written by UMG International   
22 Mar 2012
The article based on the marketing research

What kind of toys Ukrainians are buying the most often? What the Ukrainian market is missing ? What is the average amount of money that people in Ukraine are able to spend on toys?

UMG International conducted the survey on the sample of 700 respondents to reach the answers for these questions.

Question 1: What toys have you been buying during the last 6 months?
The most popular were Interactive toys for mental & physical development and plush toys (47,6% and 45,8%  respectively). Puzzles (35,2%), vehicles (34,3%), blocks (29,4%) were slightly less popular. The least interest of respondents we can observe in such categories as board games (16,2%), wooden toys (8,5%). The reason of the last result the most probably is recent launching of these toys on Ukrainian market.
What is interesting, respondents in age group 16-34 were more willing to buy interactive and wooden toys. Other types of toys were bought by people in all age groups equally. Women were choosing for their children more plush toys, while men - vehicles, puzzles and blocks.


Question 2: What toys Ukraine market is missing?
Almost half of respondents claims that stores in Ukraine do not have enough educational toys (55%) and creative toys (45%). Exactly these two categories create main niche on toys market in Ukraine. Consumers indicate also on deficiency of toys for children in age of 3 years old and less, and licensed toys, which means toys which represents cartoon characters (including the Soviet Union cartoon characters).


Question 3: What toy would you like to buy as a present for New Year / Christmas?
The appearance of toys and price - are the main factors remarked by respondents who were asked about Christmas and New Year gifts. Only 7,3% wanted to purchase as a gift, toys advertised in television

For respondents in age group 16-24, aesthetic appearance was the most important factor while choosing gifts. Additionally men are paying more attention to price of toys than women.


Question 4: What is the maximum price that you are able to spend on toy?
Slightly more than one-third of consumers (37,5%) are willing to spend on a toy from 25 to 75 UAH. Whereas women are more likely to buy toys at this prices. Almost every fourth person claims that toys should be in price from 75 to 100 UAH. Around 6% of respondent is ready to pay for toy more than 300 UAH, mostly men.


Brief summary of the research
 - Ukrainians take care of mental and physical development of their children and they want to have greater choice of creative toys

 - While buying toys as presents consumers in Ukraine pay more attention to attractive appearance and price than to brand and advertisement.
- Majority of consumers is ready to spend from 25 to 100 UAH per one toy

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Ukraine, Kyiv - March 2012

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