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Adult Females Prime Audience For US Online Video Advertisers PDF Print E-mail
Written by eMarketer   
12 Apr 2012
Greater number of teens, young adults view pre-roll video ads in full

As brands turn to digital video advertising to engage with their target audiences online, findings from YuMe suggest a good portion of marketers are especially interested in capturing women’s attention.

According to the video ad network, the majority (65.9%) of video advertising campaign proposal requests publishers received in 2011 were gender-agnostic, yet of the non-gender-agnostic campaigns, there were three times more requests for female audiences than male, 25.7% vs. 8.4%, respectively.


Considering consumer package goods (CPG) companies—which commonly target health and beauty products at women—contributed the greatest portion (24%) of ad dollars to US online video in 2011, the skew toward the female demographic makes sense.

In terms of age demographics, online video ads were most often targeted at those ages 25 to 54: 39% of US advertisers targeted females in this age range and 22% targeted males. Few advertisers looked to reach viewers at the extremes of the age spectrum.


Video advertisers’ decision to reach consumers in their prime parenting or business professional years is logical considering both the value of these two demographics as consumers and the overall online video consumption habits of internet users ages 25 to 54. March 2012 estimates from eMarketer showed viewers in this age range are expected to account for 51.1% of all US online video viewers this year, with the greatest portion (19.2%) of viewers in the 25-to-34 age range.


Through 2016, eMarketer predicts online video viewership among children, teens and seniors will continue to grow. In response, video advertiser investment and focus on these key demographics will likely increase.

Advertisers benchmarking video advertising efforts on engagement metrics such as completion rate appear to be finding more success targeting younger audiences such as teens and young adults. YuMe found 73% of all US pre-roll video ads seen by viewers ages 12 to 24 were watched in full last year, compared to 68% of all ads watched by those ages 25 to 54. The video ad network found little difference in completion rate by gender; males inched out females in their completion rate by just 1%.

Pre-roll ads are often mandatory precursors to watching online videos. As the above completion rates indicate, most online video viewers will watch these ads in full in order to view the intended video content.

Additional completion rates provided by video ad network PointRoll of online video ads served from April through December 2011, indicated much lower view-to-completion rates for non-mandatory ad units such as in-banner video, something advertisers must consider when making video ad buys.


eMarketer estimates US online video ad spending will reach $3.12 billion this year, up 54.7% from 2011. By 2016, eMarketer predicts spending will triple to $9.3 billion, accounting for 15% of all US online ad spending.

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11 April 2012

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