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Valuable Marketing Lesson Happened During A PPC Test PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Beal   
21 Jan 2006

Every successful salesperson knows the value of owning a list of targeted potential customers. It's a strategy I used to break sales records and also taught in my sale training sessions.

Coming from "real" world selling into virtual world selling presented some unique challenges.

How does one build a list online?

Research revealed many successful marketers recommend using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines to quickly and effectively build your list.

Selecting targeted keyword to reach your ideal potential customer give PPC a distinct advantage over other list building methods.

I decided to put PPC list building method to the test. I choose to set up a advertising campaign at Google Adwords and the lesser known The two companies can have your campaign up an running in a short time.

They display the ads differently. Google Adwords displays the ad on search engine results and uses contextual advertising showing the ads on keyword topic based pages within their network.

Every test needs an objective outcome to gauge the results. The objective of this test? Visitors sign up to receive a free health report from a new affiliate program I choose to promote.

The Test Results

Google Adwords
number of clicks 700
cost per click .23
number of opt-ins 36
total cost 161.00
Conversion rate 5%
number of clicks 800
cost per click .20
number of opt-ins 53
total cost 160.00
Conversion rate 6.5%

Even though they used different methods to display the ad, both produced excellent traffic results for the investment. Surprisingly; the smaller company beat Google this time around.

Sending traffic was only one factor of the objective. Remember the ultimate goal is to gain subscribers to build the list.

A Valuable Marketing Lesson

PPC marketing provided a valuable lesson in online marketing and I was glad to discover it. The conversion rate looks great but I was giving away a report, no purchase required, and expected a higher opt-in number.

1,500 people clicked for the free report, but only 89 put in their name and e-mail address. I receive 53 subscribers from and 36 from Google.

This test showed a fatal flaw on the affiliate landing page. The poor layout of the landing page cause a very low sign ups. They didn't focus on getting visitors info to access the free report.

I promptly pulled all advertising leading to that affiliate page. Imagine the wasted marketing dollars on ad campaigns if I didn't conduct this test.

PPC marketing is now in my arsenal of marketing tools. Yes, it can build your list fast but it proved invaluable in testing the effectiveness of ad campaigns before investing large sums of money.

Tom Beal assist his clients at positioning themselves as the experts in their field and creating the law of attraction in their business. He is also the President and Founder of numerous successful companies and websites including the recently formed membership site for top performers at: For the Unemployable by Choice!
Last Updated ( 21 Jan 2006 )
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