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KeyValues Research PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claire Campbell-Jones   
23 Jan 2006

KeyValues Research, Written By Claire Campbell-Jones, Infoseek Market Research Limited

Mission Statement

To provide clients with a proven research methodology that measures the key motivational factors driving decision-making behaviour.

What is KeyValues Research?

• A psychological interviewing technique that removes both respondent and interviewer bias
• A quantitative analysis of qualitative data by utilizing codes
• It identifies the 'key drivers' that influence choice or rejection, not mere approval or disapproval
• It measures the level of 'power' in each attribute to determine which are the most powerful drivers or values held by respondents
• It is based on a well proven track record

KeyValues Research in more detail:

• A Motivational Research Technique

KeyValues Research  is a motivational technique which identifies the key motivators and drivers used by customers when choosing or rejecting a company’s products or services. 

• A Unique Method of Interviewing

The interviewing technique strips away bias and inhibitions to get beyond the superficial responses that conventional qualitative research often produces.  By using an interviewing technique that has its foundation in clinical psychology it encourages respondents to reveal their true opinions, not those they feel are the standard, expected and acceptable responses.

• A Quantitative Analysis of Qualitative Data

KeyValues Research uses a highly robust method of quantifying the output from qualitative research. It uses proprietary software to collect all the statements generated by qualitative interviews or focus groups; codes and aggregates them to produce quantifiable tables and charts.  By using this method significant patterns and differences in attitudes and opinions can be accurately measured.

At the basic level KeyValues Research aggregates statements and measures those that are most powerful.  Additionally, it identifies those attitudes that are stable and likely to be retained under most conditions. In this way it can be a predictor of buying behaviour.

• KeyValues Research Applications

Our specialist research can be used in brand value identification, internal employee attitudes, external customer loyalty, NPD and the re-positioning of 'difficult', under performing or unsuccessful brands.

• Benefits to Clients

It identifies and quantifies the power of the values driving your brand from a customer’s (not the marketing department’s) point of view.

It gets to the heart of what governs and influences decision-making behaviour.

It assists in targeting advertising to appeal to those values held by customers, not those devised in isolation by the marketing department.

Ultimately - an increase in sales and market share.

Claire Campbell-Jones, Director
Infoseek Market Research Limited
Tel: 01494-731850
Fax: 01494-731802
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( 25 Jan 2006 )
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