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Future Of Green Transport PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kantar   
23 Nov 2012
What does the future hold for sustainable transport in Europe?

A new report by the Futures Company for Ford has found the future of transport in Europe will be shaped by economic pressures, environmental anxieties and changing journeys.

The Future Of Sustainable Transport report includes research from six different markets: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.


The report has identified a growing trend of 'disownership' - the acceptance of sharing or hiring products without having to physically own them outright. This is reflected in the fact that 20% of people would consider using a car sharing scheme in the future; however, there is still some way to go with only 3% of people having actually used a scheme in the last 12 months. A car as a status symbol is still relevant, just a little less so than before.

There is increasing awareness of 'eco driving' with 69% of people believing that fuel efficient driving should be part of the driving test. And 79% of people placing fuel efficiency high up on the list when buying a new car.

The study also shows that environmental benefits need to have economic perks. Over three quarters of people (79%) are more likely to do environmentally friendly things if they know it will save them money.

Download the full report below, or find further sustainability insights on the Futures Company website .

The Future of Sustainable Transport in Europe Report.pdf (7mb)

Source: The Futures Company

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22 November 2012

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