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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News and Announcements January-June 2013 arrow MMR Launches New App To Combat Poor Recall Accuracy In Consumer Research
MMR Launches New App To Combat Poor Recall Accuracy In Consumer Research PDF Print E-mail
Written by MMR Research Worldwide   
29 May 2013
MMR Research Worldwide (MMR) has launched a research App which promises to tackle poor recall accuracy amongst consumers taking part in market research by capturing data in real time at point of purchase and/or consumption. Consumers can use the App, named MyDiaLog, to share videos, pictures and audio clips recorded on their Smartphones to reveal their thoughts on products as they purchase and use them.

In addition, the App can be used at any time, even without internet connection. Users are able to complete surveys and save their responses for uploading later.

“The increasing penetration of Smartphones has created the ideal channel via which to make real time data capture inclusive and widely accessible, says Pippa Bailey, innovations director at MMR. “The average person now looks at their phone 150 times a day and we are able to capitalise on this habitual use and the convenience factor, for the capturing of sound, video and pictures.

“The App will give our food, drink, personal and household care clients immediate access to consumer behaviour and opinions and with far greater accuracy as we’re no longer relying on memory.”

MMR’s initial trials have shown that the soft gamification and intuitive nature of the questions within the App are delivering high levels of consumer engagement. Completion rates have been boosted to 82 per cent over a 7 day trial period, 30 per cent more than expected given figures relating to other available research Apps.

The MyDiaLog App, which is available on Android and iPhone platforms, can be used to sample representative consumer groups across any market where penetration is high enough and is flexible across a multitude of research scenarios. For example, it can be linked to community forums or developer groups where participants can use it to complete more interactive homework tasks and as pre-work to qualitative depth or group interviews.

“In capturing consumer perceptions at the exact moment a client’s concept is likely to be experienced, the App lends itself especially well to occasion-based products, such as breakfast cereals and toothpaste,” says Bailey.

“Mobile phones capture a lot of our attention and time, but it’s vitally important users find the App engaging if they’re to complete what’s asked of them as thoroughly as possible. That’s why the golden rule of our App is that surveys never take longer than two to three minutes to complete – the tool is not a replacement for an online survey and shouldn’t be treated as such.”

MMR client, Michel Bonnet, consumer insight global capability leader at Unilever, comments: “Apps are now part of a lot of consumers’ life, and it is only going to grow. I am convinced that apps are going to be cornerstone to consumer research as they will limit the bias of the formality introduced via interviewers and mostly because they allow to capture information ‘in the moment’ which capture emotions and not a post rationalisation several days later obtained via recall.”

Last Updated ( 03 Sep 2013 )
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