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Global Internet Users “Share” Social Media Content Monthly PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ipsos   
14 Aug 2013

A recent Ipsos report shows that seven in ten (71%) online consumers in twenty four indicate that in the past month, they have shared some type of content on social media sites, leaving just three in ten (29%) saying they “haven’t shared any content.”

The most popular shared item found in the poll is pictures, as four in ten (43%) indicate they have shared pictures online in the past month. Following next are: ‘my opinion’ (39%), a ‘status update of what/how I’m doing’ (26%), ‘links to articles’ (26%), ‘something I like or recommend, such as a product, service, movie, book, etc.’ (25%), ‘news items’ (22%), ‘links to other websites’ (21%), ‘reposts from other people’s social media posts’ (21%), ‘status update of what I’m feeling’ (19%), ‘video clips’ (17%), ‘plans for future activities, trips, plans’ (9%) and ‘other types of content’ (10%).

Of the online consumers, those from Turkey (93%) are most likely to indicate they have shared any content online in the past month, followed nine in ten in each of: Mexico (89%), Brazil (88%), India (88%), Indonesia (88%), Argentina (86%), South Africa (86%) and China (85%). This group of highly engaged content-sharers is followed by Russia (79%), Saudi Arabia (78%), Spain (75%), Hungary (83%), South Korea (73%), Italy (71%), Poland (64%) and Sweden (64%) rounding out the middle of the pack. The lower groups of social media sharers begin with Australia (63%), Belgium (62%), the United States (60%), Canada (59%), Great Britain (58%), France (49%), Germany (44%) and Japan (30%).

As for demographics, global averages indicated that those under the age of 35 (81%) are most likely to share any type of content on social media sites, in particular when compared with those aged 35 to 49 (69%) and those 50 to 64 (55%). Women (73%) appear somewhat more likely than men (69%) to have shared some content in the past month. Those with a high level of education (74%) are somewhat more likely than both (70%) low and medium levels of education and income also appears to be an influencing factor: high income (73%), medium income (71%), low income (69%). es and Links to Articles each Top Out at 26%

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