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Vital Findings to Uncover Consumers’ Transition from Physical Media to Digital Media PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vital Findings   
08 Oct 2013

Vital Findings LLC, a leading-edge full-service market research and consulting agency, recently announced it will unveil a ground-breaking study on consumers’ transitions from physical to digital media at The Market Research Event 2013.

Jason Kramer, Managing Director, Vital Findings, will present a case study entitled "Unlocking the Digital Media Path to Purchase: How Information Design Reveals the Keys to Successful Digital Merchandising.” Immediately following, Kramer will host a discussion on these findings with Laura Gross, Vice President of Global Consumer Insights & Research, Warner Home Entertainment. The presentation will be held at 11am on October 23, 2013.

The study will uncover consumers’ transition from physical media to digital media and how the purchase process has changed as a result. This is the first study of Americans’ adoption and purchase process across all main digital media categories, including eBooks, music, videogames, TV shows, and movies.

Jason Kramer, Managing Director of Vital Findings, added: "The consumer purchase journey for digital content is rapidly evolving, complex, and poses an ideal opportunity for the explanatory power of Vital Findings’ pioneering approach to information visualization for market research. Our firm’s expertise will make this session a highlight of this year’s TMRE conference."

Buying digital movies and TV shows is an emerging behaviour among consumers, but is growing rapidly. According to the Digital Entertainment Group, sales of digital movies and TV shows are up 50% in 2013. The Vital Findings study is the first to compare the movement from physical to digital products across movies, TV, music, books, and videogames. Each of these media are at different points in the digital adoption curve, and the study will reveal how comparing the consumer purchase journey across categories can impact digital merchandising strategies within each category.

At the session, attendees will learn:

      How the adoption curve from physical to digital media compares across all types of media

      How the purchase journey for digital movies and TV shows on services such as iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and Walmart's Vudu compares to buying eBooks, MP3s, and downloaded console and PC games

      How Vital Findings uses information design to bring new clarity and actionable business insight to a complex process such as the digital purchase journey

In addition to presenting, Vital Findings has partnered with The Market Research Event’s conference organizers to design a custom infographic for the conference, which will be available at the event and mailed to 10,000 leaders in the consumers insights industry.

For more information please visit: | @VitalFindings

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