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Written by Ipsos MORI   
16 Mar 2006


Partnering with US company The Media Audit, Ipsos Media’s radio metering technology impressed Clear Channel-led committee

In its search for an electronic measurement tool for rating US radio listenership, the Clear Channel Radio-led committee today announced that the mobilephone-based MediaCell, a joint offering from Ipsos Media and The Media Audit, is one of three finalists advancing to the next level of evaluation.

The Media Audit, a Houston, Texas-based audience survey consultancy, partnered with Ipsos Media in December 2005 to jointly bid for the contract to run Clear Channel Radio’s new, electronic-based audience measurement system.  Based on Ipsos Media’s UK-developed MediaCell technology, the two companies created a Smart Cell Phone metering solution that incorporates multi-media measurement capabilities and the potential to measure additional variables, such as retail shopping patterns.

Bob Jordon, The Media Audit president, said:

"We are excited about moving to the next step in the selection process for electronic measurement for radio.  We commend and Clear Channel Radio and its senior vice president of research, Jess Hanson, for their initiative in looking for electronic measurement alternatives. And we commend them for their insightful leadership in encompassing the radio industry in the evaluation process. We appreciated the opportunity to submit a proposal. We also appreciate the amount of work that goes into proposals and the subsequent evaluation. The evaluation committee deserves much commendation for the work they have done and their quick turnaround."

Ipsos Media’s MediaCell Technology

Co-developed by Ipsos Media and I-Quest Ltd just 14 months ago, MediaCell is the only radio measurement device able to carry out audio monitoring as part of a respondent’s fully-functional mobile phone. 

Utilising the latest generation of Smart Phones and PDAs that support full operating systems, MediaCell is a software programme that runs on these devices, and is currently compatible with the Microsoft operating system.   After the MediaCell captures encoded radio signals, it identifies the station being picked up and then automatically transmits the gathered information to a main data centre for analysis and storage. 

The MediaCell technology was developed without any bespoke hardware, and its software-based nature has allowed Ipsos Media and The Media Audit to exploit ever-advancing industry standard technologies, such as the burgeoning Smart Phone/PDA technology.  Unlike alternative hardware-based devices, the MediaCell software can to benefit from the latest advances in software and mobile phone technology, and can quickly adapt to the ever changing media environment.

Next steps in Clear Channel bid

In the coming months, Ipsos Media and The Media Audit are on schedule to begin testing in the US. The companies have planned three field tests to be conducted over the next few months. The first two tests will be conducted in Houston on a smaller scale.  Based on the results and continued industry support, the MediaCell will under-go full testing in a major US market by the summer.  Ipsos Media and The Media Audit will work with the Clear Channel Radio evaluation committee to determine which city to conduct the large-scale field testing. 

In the meantime, Ipsos Media and The Media Audit are working with US-based Media Ratings Council to go through the process of accrediting the MediaCell technology.

Richard Silman, worldwide director of Ipsos Media said:

"There is a lot of work yet to do to bring electronic measurements to market.  We have the partnership, the plan and the resources to make it happen. That said we don't have all the answers. We see the future as a partnership where we work closely with the radio industry to ensure that together we harness the best technology that will fairly and accurately reflect radio listening and provide the industry the information it needs to prove radio is a great value for advertisers."

Ipsos MORI

Ipsos Group announced the acquisition of MORI in the UK in October 2005, and the company has since merged with Ipsos UK.  The merged company now stands with a joint turnover of over £100m in the UK.  In 2005 Ipsos UK provided research services for over 500 UK blue chip businesses and with MORI also handling a similar number, Ipsos MORI now has a client base of over 1,000 clients.

Ipsos MORI is a part of the Ipsos Group, a global network of research companies, with a combined turnover exceeding 717m Euros.

In 2005 the Ipsos Group completed over 10m interviews worldwide and, according to results published in February 2006, recorded strong organic growth for the seventh consecutive year, again outstripping market growth.

About The Media Audit

The Media Audit, a syndicated service of International Demographics, is a multi-media and marketing survey conducted in 85 cities across the US. The 35 year old service is used by more than 250 advertisers and their ad agencies to help define the market and to help shape media campaigns. More than 1,300 media subscribe to THE MEDIA AUDIT to sell their advertising value to the advertisers and ad agencies.

The syndicated study that covers over 450 target items including socioeconomic characteristics, life styles, business decision makers, product purchasing plans, retail shopping habits, travel history, supermarket shopping, stores shopped, products purchased, fast-food restaurants eaten in, soft drink consumption, brands purchased, health insurance coverage, leisure activities, banks used, credit cards used and other selected consumer characteristics important to local media and advertisers.

Last Updated ( 16 Mar 2006 )
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