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Simple Steps To Ensure A Great Research Brief PDF Print E-mail
Written by B2B International   
11 Mar 2014

The research brief is a fundamental part of any research study. In fact, a good brief is vital to the success of any project. Without one, a researcher would find it difficult to scope out and design an appropriate project, so you could say that any market research project is only as good as the brief itself.

The research brief is typically a written statement from those commissioning the research study.  As well as providing some background information, it should set out a description of the principal objectives as well what is expected from the research findings.

For those creating a research brief, there are five questions that must be answered in order to effectively define and scope the issues that surround the research study:

1.            Why is the research being commissioned?

2.            What is the product/service to be researched?

3.            Who (i.e. audience) and where (i.e. markets) should be researched?

4.            What do we want to get out of the study?

5.            What is the budget for the project?

By considering these five questions and including them in your brief, you are well on the way to creating an effective research brief. The more thorough a research brief is, the easier it will be for the researcher to design a study that meets your requirements and leads to the desired results.

By B2B International (

Last Updated ( 11 Mar 2014 )
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