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Top 5 Key Issues That Will Jump-start Your Analysis Optimization PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Landry Jr.   
20 Oct 2014
When entering into a market analysis program, it is important to prioritize your goals and keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. Since any successful program relies mostly on communication, it is a good idea to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Also having the right tools in place is just as significant as the program itself. Like Dad always says: “have the right tool for the right job.”

Having a clear and concise direction could mean the difference between success and failure.With any good road map you won’t be driving your analysis right off a cliff.

One plan of attack is to is to have a set of five key issues to address between both the client and consultant. This will help to jump-start your analysis and ensure your program will run smoothly:

1) MASTER PLAN - This should include marketing and research objectives to make sure the analyst focuses on the desired areas. It should also delegate who is responsible for what in all aspects of the program. In this way no one will be confused with their responsibilities and ultimate goals for the project.

2) RESEARCH & TESTING - Examining existing data reports can determine the need for either updating, complimenting the current information, or crafting an entirely new set of data.  Highlight any significant differences in the data set and this could eliminate or demand the need for additional testing.

3) FORMATTING - Confirm all aspects of formatting including what program(s) will be used such as Word or PowerPoint. Choose from the use of different font styles and sizes that are available. Be sure to consider headlines, sub-text, chart legends, and readability . It should be easy on the eye but at the same time the client may have a certain preference or style choice..

4) CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS - Decide what will work best for your presentation. Should you use an active voice or a passive one? Will a text bar convey the data better than a pie chart? Don’t forget to use an attention getting headline or action statement to grab interest.

5) WRAP IT UP - Once everything is contained in order, seal the deal with any recommendations from the various parties involved. This could be from the client or they may prefer to have this advice delivered directly from the marketing team. In any event, it should all come together neatly like a nicely wrapped package.

And it should be considered a gift since the term “present” is inside the word presentation. Ultimately it is what the client wants in the end that will make them happy.

Even though it may seem like a complicated endeavor, there are many in-depth articles available  that can explain the entire process.

Marketing is often so complicated it is a source of stress and aggravation for many business owners.

If your marketing is at a stand-still, try refreshing your strategy by considering other marketing tactics . Putting a new twist on such antiquated tactics as attending Trade Shows, making Outbound (or cold) Calls and Direct Mail. Their new analysis of these out-dated techniques gives them a more refreshing and modern appeal.

Knowledge is key and being well informed with a successful analysis program can open the door for new revenue and clientele. Implementing the proper tools and staying on track means that your business door is always unlocked and open for new clients.
Last Updated ( 22 Oct 2014 )
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