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Pulse in the forefront with its Indian online panel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pulse Group   
04 Apr 2006

Online Passage To India

Pulse in the forefront with its Indian online panel

Pulse has established an online panel of approximately 245,000 members in its bid to capture behavioral patterns online.  With the rise of internet users in India, recruitment drives have been carried out to encourage Indian web surfers to actively participate in online surveys.

With 1.026 billion people, India has one of the world’s largest populations. In 2000, only 0.5% of the population in India is connected to the Internet, or at least, familiar with the concept and term. However, in 2005, there has been a massive leap in stats – 4.5% or approximately 45 million of India’s population are now internet savvy.

Bob Chua, CEO Pulse Group

“India’s middleclass alone is larger than the population of the United States.  Based on the numerous online work we’ve done in India, the general picture we get is that Indian holds on tight to their traditions despite being exposed to Western culture for decades and that their consumption habits is not only income specific but location specific.”

Not surprisingly, a majority of Indian internet surfers consists of urbanites from major markets such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chenna.  While the number of users is hardly anywhere near representation of general population, in those key markets above online survey on internet population is arguably suitable for studies requiring ABC1 type samples.

In the foreseeable future, India is expected to evolve towards an advanced industrial nation with an extremely high per capita income. If the predictions are to ring true, the percentage of Indian web surfers will increase tremendously.

The majority of data collection in this India is still conducted via face-to-face interviews due to its cheap labour cost, however Pulse has been experiencing a growing demand of studies moving towards an online methodology. Pulse is ready to capture a big slice of this growth with a ready panel.  To demonstrate our panel quality and capabilities, Pulse Group has launched mPULSE, a series of tracking study on Asia consumerism where India is one of the markets being studied.

About Pulse Group

Pulse Group is a Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) organisation, established to serve the research industry exclusively.  Its services include Data Collection, Online Panels, Survey Programming, Hosting and Professional MR translation’s. These core areas of businesses empowers global market research organizations to stay focused in delivering value to their clients, while Pulse dedicates itself to providing technical and outsourced support. The Pulse Group can be reached at


Last Updated ( 04 Apr 2006 )
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