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E-Tabs launches E-Tabs AutoGraph PDF Print E-mail
Written by E-Tabs   
12 Apr 2006

E-Tabs launches E-Tabs AutoGraph – software for automated charts and presentations

E-Tabs - the acknowledged leader in data delivery, charting and automation software for the market research industry has launched ‘E-Tabs AutoGraph’, a dream come true for all those preparing ad-hoc style PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports.

Accepting data from all industry standard cross-tabulation/analysis products, E-Tabs AutoGraph enables complete PowerPoint presentations containing fully formatted charts and tables to be created with just a few mouse clicks.

“E-Tabs AutoGraph was formally launched at our North American User Conference in New York City last week.  As we ‘unveiled’ and demonstrated the software it was quite incredible to see the number of jaws that hit the floor!  We’re thrilled with the volume of interest that has been generated so far.”, says Benjamin Rietti, CEO of E-Tabs.

Due to their ‘ad-hoc’ nature, charts and presentations for custom research projects have traditionally been near-impossible to automate, often taking many painstaking hours to complete by hand. E-Tabs AutoGraph makes that a thing of the past, and can generate hundreds of even the most seemingly complex charts and tables in a matter of seconds, using the client’s preferred PowerPoint templates and formatting.

Added Benjamin, “E-Tabs AutoGraph sits neatly alongside our flagship reporting product, E-Tabs Enterprise.  Enterprise won the MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness for its unique method of automating tracking and repetitive style projects, and has brought our clients huge returns on their investment through dramatically improved efficiencies and reporting accuracy.  We’re seeing AutoGraph now realizing those benefits for ad-hoc projects too.”

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About E-Tabs:  E-Tabs, established in 1993, has offices in London, New York and Chicago. Over 10,000 users across 50 countries use E-Tabs software products that provide innovative solutions for market research buyers and suppliers, providing efficient software solutions for reporting, analysing and distributing research data.

For more information contact: 
David Taylor, E-Tabs Limited. 
Telephone +44-20-8205 4665  E-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( 12 Apr 2006 )
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