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Marketing Agency Lifts The Lid On Sugary Drink Dangers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Agent Marketing   
26 Feb 2015

Agent Marketing, a full-service marketing agency with offices in Liverpool and London revealed its latest campaign in response to Government data exposing the damaging effects of sugary drinks.

Agent Marketing, was appointed by leading social enterprise, Health Equalities Group, to deliver an integrated campaign highlighting the negative consequences linked to the consumption of sugary beverages.

The agency was commissioned to design and launch an over-arching campaign, and tasked with the creation of a series of striking creative concepts. Agent named the campaign Gulp, an acronym for ‘give up loving pop’, a title that would become an active hashtag throughout the launch.

Agent’s creative work adopted conventional sugary drinks advertising techniques and incorporated the harmful, proven effects associated with sugar over-consumption within each design.

Paul Corcoran, managing director of Agent Marketing said:

“It was a delight to be chosen by Health Equalities Group to deliver this high-profile, important campaign.

“The Gulp (Give Up Loving Pop) campaign has already gathered interest from around the world, both in terms of general public interest and its engagement with the media.

“This campaign allowed our three departments – strategy, creative and communications – to work together to develop a dynamic, visually engaging campaign. It’s been a real team effort and the campaign’s results are a testament to the work of my team.”

Gulp has taken the manufacturers of sugary drinks to task and received domestic and international news coverage through the agency’s communications campaign, including a feature in the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Robin Ireland, chief executive of Health Equalities Group, said:

“The gulp campaign has been a lot of fun whilst conveying a very serious message about the health harms of consuming too many sugary drinks.  

“Agent and our own team at the Health Equalities Group felt it was important to deliver the message in the same engaging style and tone that the soft drinks companies are so good at.

“Agent had an excellent feel for this approach and their creativity and hard work ensured that not only were the visuals fantastic, but the roadshows and accompanying media coverage made gulp a great success.”

In addition to its successes within the media, Gulp rolled into city centres across the North West to encourage parents and young people to think again before reaching for the pop.

The public roadshows – also delivered by Agent Marketing – arrived in Liverpool, Manchester and Preston to mark the start of Gulp’s marketing campaign to communicate the health harms associated with these beverages in a recognisable and appealing way.
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