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Survey Finds The Happiest Jobs In America PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anand Srinivasan   
11 Mar 2015

They may be people who you feared at school. But a recent study finds them to be the happiest at the work place. According to a report published by online jobs site CareerBliss , school principals are among the happiest at their jobs. Of the 25,000 people surveyed for the report, school principals were reported to experience the highest job satisfaction despite having to juggle between the various stringent government standards, demanding parents, disciplinary issues and teachers with varying levels of experience.

Executive chefs carry huge responsibilities and work in an extremely competitive industry. But that does not take away the happiness that comes with the job. The report found executive chefs to be the second most happiest people at their jobs. This was followed by loan officers who incidentally ranked fourth in the study last year. The surveyed loan officers revealed that the happiness at their jobs come from the pleasure of helping people realize their dreams.

Other jobs that made up the top five of the list were automation engineers and research assistants. While the former is noted as an attractive position for people with excellent problem solving and communication skills, the latter position has been revealed as the happiest job with the least average salary. However, in most cases, the job of a research assistant is temporary and on a contract basis.

Other jobs the make up the CareerBliss list of the top 10 happiest jobs in the United States are Oracle database administrator, website developer, business development executive, senior software engineer and systems developer. Except for the business development role, the rest are positions that attract people who love technology and find gratification in these roles.

Is there an underlying similarity among all these various jobs and responsibilities? A study published by a corporate staffing solutions company last week shows that people typically love working at places that offer a highly collaborative environment with flexible work arrangements, access to the latest equipment and technology along with a culture of innovation and creativity. Most of the jobs in the top ten list fall into at least one of these four environment conditions and is probably the reason why people love working at these positions.

According to Dan Buettner, it is not the salary but social interaction that shapes up the love for a job. He points out that the happiest people in the country socialize for about seven hours a day. Besides this, other factors that may influence the love for a job could include flexibility, security and the prestige that comes with the role.

One point to note here however is that the study is intended mostly for 'middle market' positions which received at least twenty reviews. Therefore powerful positions like the CEO, or 'jobs' that offer immense gratification like being a famous musician or athlete were not considered. Also, highly specialized jobs were not included for the study.
Last Updated ( 12 Mar 2015 )
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