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Free Infographic: Wasted Time In The Workplace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Time Doctor   
29 Apr 2015

Productivity loss is one of the hardest challenges of businesses today. With so many distractions facing the workplace, wasted time has become a real and serious problem.

According to a research conducted by Time Doctor , 40% of productivity loss is due to non-work related Internet surfing. Social media and all the other distracting websites are the culprit. But, only 15% of businesses chose to have a so-called social media policy.

What's more shocking is that 70% of all Internet porn actually happens during the 9 to 5 workday! Add to that are the long lunch breaks, the quick personal calls and even just socializing with coworkers. All of these equate to a huge loss in productivity because of workers who waste a lot of time.

This alarming rate has moved employers to do some form of monitoring with their employees. 45% of employers track content using network level software, 43% store and review computer files while some also monitor emails.

Facebook has remained to be the top blacklisted website while email has also been misused with 28% of employers firing workers for not using it accordingly.

Check out this infographic for more information on the wasted time in the workplace:

Infographic: Wasted Time In The Workplace

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