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Search Engine Marketers Misuse Google Ad Rotation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Dickman   
15 Jun 2005

Optimizing keywords for conversion is only half the battle, according to Gary Angel, president and chief technology officer of SEMphonic, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technology provider. "SEM marketing is about conversion – not clicks," he says. "And what most companies haven't realized is that this applies to Ads even more than keywords." It's essential, he suggests, to optimize both keywords and ad rotation by conversion. "Google's Ad Rotation can be a valuable tool in the right hands," he explains, "but can also be deceptive, misleading, and potentially expensive in the wrong hands. As a search engine marketer, it's critical for me to understand that Google's Ad Rotation technology is based on click-thrus not on conversions, and is therefore designed first and foremost to optimize their inventory, not mine."

Just how common this problem can be was recently illustrated when Angel and the SEMphonic team analyzed a major client SEM campaign running twelve different ad groups. Google's Ad Rotation optimized the wrong ads in six of the groups – a full fifty percent of the time. "It was like stepping back to the 1960s," remarked SEMphonic chief marketing officer John Williams, "to the advertising days of yesteryear when we knew it worked fifty percent of the time, but didn't know which fifty percent."

"A fifty percent margin of error on a typical campaign hardly supports the digital marketing industry's claim of enhanced accountability over other media," Angel adds. "It testifies at least in part to our willingness to sublimate our own judgment to the speed and convenience of our technologies, an okay philosophy only as long as the technology delivers the goods."

But what to do when it doesn't? How do I as a SEM marketer compensate for the inability of Google's Ad Rotation technology to optimize my ad rotation? "Stay tuned," says Angel.

About SEMphonic
For over 8 years, SEMphonic has been delivering large enterprise web analytics and competitive analysis to Fortune 500 companies. The company now firmly focuses on developing and marketing powerful and efficient search engine marketing (SEM) technologies which dramatically increase campaign effectiveness as well as reduce the cost and complexity of traditional tools. SEM practitioners worldwide are gravitating to the fact that SEMphonic's MarketScan Keyword and MarketScan Analyzer are essential tools and this powerful new subscription-based solution rapidly bridges the gap between web marketing and web measurement. SEMphonic's MarketScan tools are already maximizing the competitive edge for companies such as American Express, AOL, CyberTrader, Charles Schwab, Bishop Marketing Resources, Endless Pools, Hotwire, Intuit, Marshall Strategies, Morgan Stanley and Mediasmith, just to name a few. SEMphonic is headquartered in Novato, California. Visit us at for more information.

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