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Ugam Partners With OnePoint Global to Enhance Mobile and SMS Survey Capabilities PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ugam   
27 Aug 2015

Managed Analytics Leader Expands Expertise in Mobile Surveys, Including Offline, SMS and App, to Deliver Market Research Surveys With Improved Response Rates and Real-Time Reporting

Ugam, a global leader in managed analytics, today announced its partnership with OnePoint Global, providers of mobile and online survey technology solutions for research agencies and enterprise insight programs. The alliance enhances Ugam’s mobile and SMS-based survey capabilities, building on the company’s market research (MR) technology expertise.

OnePoint Global’s technology enables Ugam to quickly and easily set up mobile surveys – including branded survey apps, in-app surveys and SMS-based surveys – that look great on any phone, tablet or browser and can collect responses online or offline. OnePoint Global’s survey technology enables Ugam to quickly and easily set up mobile surveys that enable its MR clients to capture powerful real-time and in-the-moment insights from customers.

By partnering with OnePoint Global, Ugam continues to expand the scope of its MR solutions expertise and reinforce its commitment to investing in technology and delivering high-quality, technology-led market research operations solutions. OnePoint Global’s technology enables Ugam to quickly set up mobile surveys for any device that enable the company’s clients to capture “in-the-moment” feedback from their customers in real-time. As mobile surveys become increasingly important, Ugam is expanding its expertise in this area in order to help its clients capitalize on the improved response rates, reduced costs and reduced time to insights that mobile technology – especially SMS – promises. The company’s technology team has a deep understanding of user behavior and sophisticated approaches to improving the customer experience across devices, driving respondent cooperation rates across all platforms, and continues to actively develop its expertise. The partnership with OnePoint Global is an example of Ugam’s pursuit of new technologies.

“We’re committed to delivering the best technology-driven MR support services available, and we’re actively seeking partnerships that help us achieve that objective,” said Ugam CEO Sunil Mirani. “OnePoint Global has seven years of experience in SMS surveys – more than any other vendor – and their demonstrated leadership in this field is why we’re partnering with them. By leveraging their mobile technology expertise, we’re able to deliver better solutions to our clients.”

OnePoint Global’s mobile survey technology is easy to configure, enables client branding, uses simple mobile-oriented response mechanisms (e.g., rating sliders, drag-and-drop rankings, etc.), and the surveys are perfectly formatted for any device, in any language and in any country. SMS surveys are simple and fast and let researchers reach everyone, even those using the most basic phones with no internet connection and respondents in poorer coverage areas.

The system back end provides a customizable dashboard that enables Ugam to launch surveys in minutes, and provide clients with real-time reporting. The innovative technology also provides Ugam with a sophisticated questions editor and routing capabilities; the ability to capture voice, picture and video from interviews; and seamless, flexible integration with customer databases, CRM systems and reporting platforms.

“Consumers want to be able to take surveys at a time that suits them on their platform of choice, and our technology enables that,”
said OnePoint Global CEO Neil Jessop. “Our partnership with Ugam helps them stay at the cutting edge of MR survey design and delivery – ramping up surveys quickly, providing faster data and insights to their clients and engaging consumers in a way that increases participation.”

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