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Jeans Accross Europe PDF Print E-mail
31 Mar 2006

Jeans Accross Europe

By a fairly slim margin in each country it is true to say that the majority of people in the four main European economies bought at least one pair of jeans in the twelve months ending September last year. Latest TGI Europa data shows that, in market penetration terms, jeans achieved a high of 61% amongst men in France and a low of 49% amongst women in Great Britain. On the basis of expenditure, Germans were at least twice as likely to spend €150 or more across the year than were the populations of any of the other countries. Amongst those spending at this level the Spanish were significantly more likely to say that they bought clothes ‘for comfort, not for style’ – perhaps a consequence of the profile of buyers being very much older than is the case in the other countries. Overall however the market remains one skewed towards younger age groups but with 25-54’s being particularly important.

A familiar list of brands, available across all four territories, is augmented by a multiplicity of more locally available ones, some of which appear in the lists of the most successful.

Last Updated ( 13 Apr 2006 )
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