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Infographic: Countries With The Most Vacation Days PDF Print E-mail
Written by GetVoIP   
10 Jun 2016

How many days off do you get a year? Does your employer grant you public holidays? Does your vacation time increase with tenure? Do you have an unlimited vacation policy?

In the US, paid time off differs greatly from company to company because they are the only developed nation that doesn't have laws mandating a specific number of vacation days. In the European Union, however, employers must give at least 20 working days off per year. In many countries, public holidays are also mandated.

Giving employees time off will not only help them relax and rejuvenate, it will also help them be more productive and boost morale. The UK gets quite a bit of time off compared to most countries -- 28 days of paid leave and 8 public holidays (at the discretion of your employer). But what about everyone else?

To find out, GetVoIP looked at data from the OECD, Center for Economic Policy Research, and International Labor Organization, as well as the labor laws of individual countries.

They separated days off by paid leave (represented by dark blue bars) and public holidays (represented by light blue bars). In some countries, paid leave increased with tenure. This is denoted by one asterisk (*).

Though not every country has mandated public holidays, many employers observe some or all public holidays. If public holidays are not required by law, they are marked with two asterisks (**).

The country with the least amount of vacation days is Mexico, with only 14 days. Brazil, on the other hand, gets 41 days in total! That's over a month of working days more than Mexico!

If you ever ever thinking of working internationally and value your vacation time, perhaps this gives you an idea of where you'll be happiest. Or maybe it helps you understand an international business partner better. Whatever the case, it definitely helps you put in perspective your vacation days and maybe gives you a new perception of what the average vacation allotment is.

Infographic: Countries With The Most Vacation Days


Last Updated ( 10 Jun 2016 )
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