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Using video iPods in research PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vox Pops International   
02 May 2006

Using video iPods in research
Breakfast conference discusses modern market research methodologies

The Power of Video Breakfast conference
Over fifty researcher specialists and consumer insight managers from top agencies and retailers met at the IPA headquarters in London to discuss how using video can modernise market research methodologies and make data more easily accessible, entertaining and appealing at special breakfast conference hosted by Vox Pops International.

Market research techniques need to be constantly updated in order to stay relevant to today’s consumers and to enable researchers to collect the most accurate data. Understanding that traditional research methods can be useful for obtaining large amounts of data but can sometimes fail to make this data real, Vox Pops International pioneered the use of video in research which can bring to life the findings, making the research more powerful, memorable and ultimately actionable.

Presentations at the conference focused on helping delegates to understand how to use video in their research strategies. From incorporating a camera into current methodologies such as focus groups and hall tests to recommending new techniques such as video diaries, video portraits and using video iPods in research, the conference showed the possibilities and benefits of using video for new ways of getting closer to consumers and conducting innovative, successful market research.

The conference included a section on the low cost video resources that are available to help illustrate consumers that can be used in presentations and pitches.  Delegates were told about the Vox Pops International’s Video Library, an online research archive of pre produced research footage on life stage groups from tweens to the grey market and sectors such as automotive to toy & games available on Vox Pops International’s website. Previews of the videos can be viewed and orders placed on line allowing professionals access to over 150 different videos. Delegates were also informed about Vox Pops International’s The Free Monthly Video Service, the only market research service that provides its members with a free research video every month on different life stage groups. The free service has been running since July 2005 and members have now received ten months of free videos totalling over 90 mins of consumer insights and quotes.

Diane Earnshaw, Director, Vox Pops International said: “We were extremely pleased with the response we have had to the conference in terms of amount of people who were interested in attending and the feedback from delegates after the event. We hope that by holding this conference we have made more people aware of the benefits and ease of using video in research which will also be beneficial to the market research industry as a whole.”

For more information on the conference please contact
Andrea Geeson
Vox Pops International
020 8786 8855
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Last Updated ( 02 May 2006 )
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