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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News and Announcements July-December 2006 arrow Nic Hall wins "Best Paper" at ESOMAR Global Diversity conference
Nic Hall wins "Best Paper" at ESOMAR Global Diversity conference PDF Print E-mail
Written by Research International   
07 Jul 2006

Nic Hall wins "Best Paper" at ESOMAR Global Diversity conference

It’s no more them and us - It’s only us!

Nic Hall’s paper on immigration in Europe was awarded the ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper at the ESOMAR Global Diversity conference in May 2006.


“Race-hate crime up by 29% since 2004”
“Paris in flames”
“58 Chinese asylum seekers suffocate”

These headlines seem to be an everyday occurrence across Europe. The media focuses on the negatives of immigration. Consumers are reacting in predictable ways – immigrants are being blamed for many of the ills of European society. Immigrants are portrayed as criminals or even worse as terrorists, draining the welfare system and leading sad, poor and disadvantaged lives.

We would argue that there is a brighter side to immigrant life, which we need to not only embrace but to celebrate. Indeed with its ageing populations Europe has to encourage immigration – it has no option. Just as the USA was founded on immigration, so too must Europe now turn to immigration for its salvation.

So how can we ensure positive outcomes for all involved and what role should big business play in these outcomes? Our views is that it is mutually beneficial to both business and immigrants to have a more positive light shed on immigrants - as it provides the chance for immigrants to form extremely close bonds with a brand who has helped them through a bad or difficult time.

This paper combines some of the facts of immigration in Europe together with research done into immigrant communities across more than 40 countries in the EMEA region, to draw conclusions on these issues.

In doing so we illustrate just how essential immigration is to Europe’s future economy and to its fundamental well-being. We will also demonstrate that immigrants share great similarities, no matter what their background, and that they have a great desire to be recognised for their positive contributions to society.

The paper will share some moving and uplifting stories of success aimed at inspiring business to action.

Immigrants are important to the future of Europe – let us celebrate their success rather than dwelling on their failure. Business can and should help immigrants to achieve success.

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