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Why Would I Use Exploratory Research? PDF Print E-mail
Written by DJS Research Ltd.   
26 Jul 2006
Exploratory Research, as explained by DJS Research Ltd.

Because exploratory research can be less useful than other forms in aiding marketing decisions, dismissing can be an easy mistake to make. The research allows the marketer to gain information on a subject that they may have previously known little about and furthermore, can also provide a platform upon which a formalised research project can be built. For example, if exploratory research identifies the key decision makers in a marketplace, descriptive research can then be used to target them thus allowing for greater efficiency with the research. 

Used in the early stages of the decision-making process, exploratory research is used to assess the situation in hand with the minimum cost and time possible. Versatility and a wide-ranged approach to the preliminary investigation are the main benefits of this genre of research. The exploratory research can draw on interviews, observations, group interviews, secondary data sources and case histories.  

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