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Industry endorsement for Synovate Media Atlas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
08 Aug 2006

Industry endorsement for Synovate Media Atlas Bangkok underlines its value to advertisers

BANGKOK — In a move that cements its place in the media landscape, Synovate's Media Atlas survey has now received endorsement from Thailand's media specialists. This means the survey will now become widely used for planning media campaigns targeting the middle classes and above in Greater Bangkok.

The Synovate Media Atlas survey now has a full year of information available for planners and provides unique insights into the media behaviour of Bangkokians with disposable income. It covers people age 15 to 64 years old who enjoy a household income of Baht 20,000 or more per month – the people who are of particular interest to advertisers and marketers.

Steve Garton, Head of Global Media Research for Synovate, said the company completed the survey using computer assisted telephone interviews, targeting people at home.

"Telephone interviews are an effective method to bypass the physical security barriers erected by large numbers of residents to prevent unwanted callers knocking on their door. Indeed, face-to-face interviews are becoming more and more difficult in reaching Asia's growing middle classes living in secured premises," he said.

In the letter accepting Media Atlas for media industry use, on behalf of the Media Agency Club (MAC), Acting President Khun Paichit Thienthong informed Synovate that: "I am delighted to let you know that members of the MAC have officially agreed to use Media Atlas as another industry currency to plan and buy print media targeting Bangkok residents residing in upper income households.... We appreciate the initiative you have successfully brought to the industry and shall be looking forward to its continued development."

Ms Stephanie Bell, Managing Director of Mindshare Thailand noted: "We now have a much wider view of the reach of publications into a variety of lifestyle segments, plus consumers of key product categories. The readership profiles are particularly helpful in developing communication plans."

This view was further reinforced by Khun Preeyada Vuttipakdee, Managing Director of Mediavest Thailand who stated: "We wished to encourage competition and we are pleased to see that Synovate has lived up to the challenge. This also provides us with a higher quality of readership for a market that has been lacking data that represents actual reading habits."

Initiative Chairman Khun Wannee Ruttanaphon took a viewpoint that: "The allocation of advertising is heavily focused on the capital city, so the Synovate survey will be most helpful in this regard.

"Also, magazines and to some extent newspapers have suffered from a lack of high quality readership data which makes planning difficult. The Media Atlas survey results remedy the situation," she said.

Further commenting on the methodology, Mr Garton said: "Across the world, in a survey by ESOMAR – the global market research association – of how research companies conduct their interviews, telephone interviews are now the most popular method, whilst face-to-face interviews dramatically decreased from 31% to 21% between 2004 and 2005.

"We are confident that in Thailand, as well as in the other countries where we conduct Synovate Media Atlas, advertisers will be well served with the fresh insights into previously hidden target audiences," he said.

Cyril Pereira, Executive Board Member of the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) and Principal of Telesis Consulting, who lobbied for quality readership research, was pleased that the Thai industry endorsed the validity and value of the Media Atlas survey.

"Before Media Atlas, poor methodology and lack of data capture robbed advertisers and publishers of the value of targeted quality consumer reach. Now let us see how the results help advertisers and media specialists use upscale print media in campaigns," he said.

Synovate Media Atlas is also conducted in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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