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CRTs Lead Global TV Unit Shipments for Next 2 Years PDF Print E-mail
Written by IMS Research   
29 Aug 2006

CRTs Lead Global TV Unit Shipments for Next 2 Years - 30 August 2006 
With intensifying price competition and more suppliers of flat panel sets, the TV set market is expected to experience a true transformation during the next five years. CRTs are forecast to continue to account for majority of TV sets shipped over the next two years. The situation will change dramatically by 2011, during which 68% of TV sets shipped are forecast to comprise of flat panels.

Although flat panel displays are quickly gaining share of the TV set market, IMS Research predicts that CRT sets will continue to make up the majority of TV unit shipments during the next two years. On the other hand, IMS Research estimates that 2006 will be the first year during which worldwide sales revenues from flat panel displays will exceed those from sales of CRT sets.

Based on a recent study, The Worldwide Market for Television Sets, IMS Research forecasts that worldwide TV set shipments will reach nearly 211 million units, with approximately 68% of these comprised of flat panel displays. “Quickly falling prices of flat panel displays are enabling a true transformation in the TV set market,” stated Anna Hunt, research director at IMS Research. “LCDs are expected to become the leader in terms of units shipped as early as 2007 in certain industrialized countries due to availability in various sizes at acceptable price points.”

Other factors that are driving flat panel display sales include the following:

• Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio as a preferred viewing medium.

• Broadcasting of digital and high-definition programming in several countries.

• Push by major brand suppliers to limit CRT shipments in certain markets.

The Worldwide Market for Television Sets was published in July 2006. This study analyzes the TV set market, with forecasts for 12 countries within six major regions. In addition to data for TV sets by display type, by size and by resolution, the study provides additional insight into digital TV reception direct via the TV set, with forecasts for integrated digital TVs (iDTVs) split by broadcast segment and by digital tuner type.

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