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CRM Meets The Customer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan Dickman   
27 May 2005

CRM Slowly Breaks the Bottleneck A Research Report from CDMS

CRM is gradually breaking through its bottleneck and achieving ‘end-to-end’ marketing...

Over half of top UK companies are now able to translate sophisticated database analysis into highly personalised and segmented campaigns, where creative, message, and enclosures are varied for different types of recipient.

However, while the importance of getting targeted CRM and marketing communications out of the door has achieved mainstream awareness, there is still considerable potential for improved return on investment from CRM systems.

Telecoms comes in surprise first place, probably under pressure from the combination of high corporate debt and fierce market competition, plus the increasing richness of new information services available over mobile phones.

Banking and Credit Card has slipped into second place, a matter of concern given the sector’s need to improve marketing delivery sharpened by the sector’s massive investment in CRM systems.

Insurance scores creditably, especially considering the majority of this marketplace remains intermediated and therefore relatively remote from the end customer.

Utilities score only just around average, confirming the g-slow on the industry’s ambitions for brand stretch.

Mail Order – the pioneer of many modern direct marketing techniques – has recovered from its low in 2003, possibly the result of major retailers’ involvement in the remote shopping industry.

Less than half of retailers can deliver end-to-end marketing and CRM, possibly showing a polarity in the sector between mass advertisers and database marketers.

Hotels and Travel companies score lowest of the sectors studied, a warning flag for two sectors that are both feeling the economic squeeze, but the hotel trade is improving at the fastest rate of any industry studied.

Research Period: February – March 2005

Fieldwork: MarketingUK

Research Base: UK top 1000 companies

Last Updated ( 13 Jun 2005 )
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