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Written by QSR International   
22 Sep 2006

QSR International Case Study - Software to XSight, By QSR 

Ever since specialist qualitative research consultancy, FocusedInsights, traded in highlighter pens and post-it notes for data analysis software called XSight – the competitive playing field of market research has changed. FocusedInsights can now bank on a solid game plan every time.

The Challenge

With more than ten years experience as a qualitative researcher in financial services and health industries, FocusedInsights Director, Roxanne Suprina, is in constant pursuit of creative ways to keep costs down while maximizing the value of research for clients. When Suprina’s quest recently took her into the research software arena – she was surprised by what she discovered.

The QSR Solution

In 2004, Suprina trialled XSight, qualitative market research software that assists with the analysis and reporting on unstructured data. She immediately found it to be an indispensable tool that enhanced analysis, provided structure, saved time, added rigour and streamlined tasks. XSight provides analysis frameworks for inputting, analyzing and interpreting research findings in a manner that supports researchers who may have a unique style and who may not use traditional methodological approaches. By providing a “three-dimensional whiteboard” for qualitative analysis, XSight assists researchers with sorting, categorizing, filtering, making comparisons, finding themes and patterns, and querying the data. For FocusedInsights, the first test of the software was on a project undertaken on behalf of a financial services client, which involved testing marketing materials on six focus groups.

The Benefits

Significant time savings

Suprina, who had no previous experience with qualitative data analysis software, was immediately impressed with the software’s time saving benefits, allowing her to reduce and in some instances, eliminate, some of the steps involved in the research process. “I could write up my report as I was working my way through the transcripts,” she says. “If I was following my pen and paper method, I’d usually have to read and highlight – then revisit again. Alongside this I’d be trying to build my presentation in Microsoft™ PowerPoint, going back and forth between paperwork and my computer.

New approaches to research

“The program enabled me to get the sections of the report organized upfront before doing my analysis and yet at the same time, gave me the flexibility to evolve this if my findings required it.

More than a hunch

“Being able to easily identify and incorporate quotes that support my assertions added even more weight to my reports. This was really an exciting aspect of the software for me.” That said, Roxanne does share a word of caution on XSight’s efficiency in sorting and cataloguing data. “The very thing that makes XSight such a charm must be used carefully,” she says. “When I initially used XSight, I was getting so caught up in pulling out fantastic quotes and putting them under relevant themes – that I ended up with a whole lot of quotes but no evidence of my strategic thinking.”

QSR International Case Study “I have now since become more disciplined and apply more interpretive thoughts and articulations to my analysis frameworks. “It’s important to remember that as the researcher, I am driving the software – not the other way around.”

Teamwork made easy

Another project Suprina undertook involved concept testing across two different respondent focus groups and a number of in-depth interviews. XSight was brought in to assist with efficiently and effectively sharing the project across a small team. A project template was set up in XSight to streamline the research process and ensure a consistent approach. Each consultant then took a copy of this template and began to work independently and after the analysis was complete, XSight was used to pull their findings together. “I think the critical difference that XSight brought to this project was that it set us up with a solid game plan,” says Roxanne. “This made it much easier to bring together the final result as one complete body of work for the client.”

The Perfect Match

When asked if XSight suits a particular style of research or technique - Suprina does not hesitate: “No, I don’t think its structure is restrictive or impartial to a particular working style.” FocusedInsights’ next project involves 45 in-depth interviews, and no doubt XSight will play an integral part in the game plan again.

About FocusedInsights

FocusedInsights is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality market research to its many financial services clients. Its founder, Roxanne Suprina, is an M.B.A. who has worked as both an insurance and investment broker. Her front-line knowledge of the industry and familiarity with the complexity of its products and distribution channels allows her to build strong partnerships with her clients and to fully explore new product concepts, product positioning and brand strategies. Contact Roxanne Suprina on e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

About QSR International

QSR International is the largest privately owned qualitative research software developer in the world, with more than 300,000 software users in over 90 countries. QSR’s flagship products – XSight and NVivo – are both designed to help researchers and other people working with textual data to compile, compare and make sense of their information quickly and easily. As well as market research agencies, government bodies and universities, QSR’s research software is used by a broad range of industries, from tourism and urban affairs to human resources and law. With customers like the Children’s Hospital Boston, Turnstone Research and the University of Oxford – QSR software is playing a key role in some of the world’s most prominent research projects. From their head office in Australia, sales offices in the UK and the US and through a global network of partnerships, QSR delivers the highest quality software, training, consulting services and customer support.

For more information

QSR International Second floor, 651 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia, 3108 Tel: +61 3 9840 1100 Fax: +61 3 9840 1500 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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