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Channel Planning: a new media planning tool PDF Print E-mail
Written by Interview-NSS   
06 Oct 2006

Channel Planning: a new media planning tool

Insight into the potential power of 15 different types of media

Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia (NOM, National Multimedia Survey) is a joint venture of Print operators, media agencies and advertisers. NOM is responsible for the collective survey on the reach of print media. Last year, NOM sought tenders for a new study: the development of a measuring instrument to provide insight into the potential contribution of diverse types of media in realising communication targets. The project is officially known as: ‘Strategic Media Type Selection’. Eventually, the assignment was awarded to InterviewwNSS/Pointlogic. The tool will be available in 2006, under the name Channel Planning. It promises to be a unique instrument for media planners, operators and advertisers for selecting one or several types of media based on an objective assessment of their potential power to realise certain campaign objectives.

Target group, product and campaign objective

Interview-NSS is currently carrying out the fieldwork among 2000 respondents. For 15 types of media (varying from TV and print to trade fairs and point of sale) in each of the 18 product categories, the fieldwork will establish which types of media in which target groups contribute towards the realisation of specific campaign objectives and the extent of this contribution ,. You should think of targets such as inspiring confidence, triggering actions, and informing in detail. William Recker, Media Research Director at InterviewwNSS, expects the database to be filled completely in 2006. In addition, the results will be calibrated by a select group of communication experts, and will be supplemented using their opinions and ‘common sense’. These experts will also judge the power of the various types of media in a number of tactical aspects, like controlling time of the day, day of the week and control of the region. The database will form the foundation of the ‘Channel Planning’ tool. Users of the tool will be able to determine the optimal choice of media type(s) for their specific target groups (for instance, on the basis of their needs and socio-demographics), their product categories and their communication targets. The model isolates the potential power of the various types of media, leaving (the power of) creative implementation aside. ‘Assume one wants to bring a new product to the attention of housewives between the ages of 20 and 40. The tool will allow advanced insight into which type of media is most or least suitable. It is also possible to see the costs per person reached. Channel Planning is an interactive way of media planning, resulting in an optimal media mix, together with an optimal usage of the assigned budget’, says Recker.

Compose: a tested method

“Compose”, the underlying software by Pointlogic, is responsible for the execution of the complex calculations, intelligent analyses and the user-friendly presentation. When NOM granted the tender,
InterviewwNSS contacted Pointlogic. At the time, their model Compose was almost fully developed, and corresponded excellently to NOM’s wishes. A significant advantage, according to Recker, is that the Compose approach is already tested technology in Great Britain and the United States. From now on, Channel Planning will offer you a direct insight into how to best divide your media budget in terms of your targets, target group and product. If you would like to know more, please contact William Recker, tel. 020-6070833, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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