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Written by Interview-NSS   
06 Oct 2006


Research portal, dedicated panel, online reporting

Many innovative forms of market research, especially online research, are offered as a do-it-yourself method. A large number of organisations use them based on the assumption that they are easy, fast and relatively cheap. By now, awareness is growing that carrying out research properly requires considerable time investment and active involvement, and above all, professional research expertise. On closer inspection, the do-it-yourself principle appears less attractive, less efficient and more complicated than expected. Obtaining valuable and practically applicable market insights is more difficult than anticipated. For this reason, is introducing INTouchBase, an online research community where you yourself are in control and have direct insight into the progress of the fieldwork and the results; without the fuss of panel management, questionnaire programming, incentive programmes and helpdesk functions. The active back-up of professional researchers guarantees this.

Unpredictable, critical and influential

Market research gives your organisation insight into market developments, the wishes of your customers and prospects, possible opportunities and threats, as well as into your position as a competitor. Insights which you continuously have to monitor, as stable markets are becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon. Changes follow on from one another quickly, trends lead to countertrends and the client, who yesterday appeared to be so satisfied, decides to go shopping at your competitor today. Markets are unpredictable, consumers demanding, influential and increasingly less inclined to a loyal relationship.

Continuous, flexible and longitudinal

‘Traditional’ market research is often ad hoc and detached from other information sources. Due to this, insights are tied to people instead of to the organisation. INTouchBase by Interview-NSS uses a dedicated panel of customers from your target group. This makes it possible to connect survey results to each other and to trace individual panel members and their answers in time.

How does INTouchBase work?

Interview-NSS takes care of the recruitment of your dedicated panel. The panel is recruited by consulting you, and subsequently Interview-NSS takes care of the management of the panel. This means that Interview-NSS monitors the composition and response of the panel and by consulting you, takes action to enlist new panel members or improve the response. Furthermore, in case of questions, panel members can contact a helpdesk which is provided by Interview-NSS.
Interview-NSS is also building an internet portal in the ‘look and feel’ of your organisation. You, as an organisation, can give feedback to your research community by using the internet portal. The panel member can use the portal to ask our panel manager questions and can go online to inspect the possible incentive programme, which can be set up by Interview-NSS on behalf of your research community.

If subsequently you want to carry out surveys within your panel, we will program the questions formulated by you, possibly with the help of Interview-NSS. You can follow the progress of the fieldwork online. After completion of the fieldwork, the survey results will be accessible to you online through our E-report tool. E-report is an interactive tool, which helps you to produce cross tables, make graphs, and export results. You can find a demo of this tool on our website:


The set-up chosen by Interview-NSS provides you with the efficiency and flexibility of carrying out market research under your own control, but prevents you from having  to deal with things such as panel management, answering phone-calls and e-mails from panel members, programming questionnaires and building data files.

Permanent back-up research expertise

Interview-NSS provides a tailor-made panel and portal, constructing these according to the 'look and feel' of your organisation, as part of your internet site if desired. INTouchBase has a user-friendly interface with sophisticated tools. With many years of experience in the field of market research and panel management to its name, Interview-NSS can offer 'hands-on' support for the preparation, design and implementation of the survey up to and including integral guidance with complex issues during processing and interpretation of survey results. You decide which kind of support you need, at which moment and in which way. Regardless of your choice, you can always rely on the active involvement of Interview-NSS. Especially appointed project managers watch over and thereby monitor the quality of panel and research data. Practice shows that optimum use of online research tools demands research expertise, maintenance and permanent quality control. The structural support of Interview-NSS saves you time and inconvenience. If frequently used, INTouchBase is also an extremely cost-efficient form of market research. This is due to the possibility of  linking the research data to the various research instruments that Interview-NSS has to offer, such as Brand Power Assessment, Channel & Loyalty Assessment and Customer Contact Centre Evaluation.

Want to know more?

For more information please contact Jos Smulders, tel. 020-6070818, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or Angelo Blokzijl, tel. 020-6070766, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Last Updated ( 06 Oct 2006 )
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